Fyre Festival: Couldn't Stay, Couldn't Go. Trapped In An Airport By Ja Rule.

  • Written by  Angela Peita
  • Wednesday, 03 May 2017 17:45
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This week probably hasn't been a good one for Ja Rule and Billy McFarland.

When they first envisioned what this festival was going to be, It's unlikely the monstrous mess that it became was what they had in mind – and with the latest claims of festival goers being locked in an airport and chain-link fenced in- it's not getting any better for the pair.

Originally conceptualised as a luxury music festival in The Bahamas, Ja Rule and Billy managed to rope in celebrities such as Kendall Jenner to promote it on Instagram, and sold packages including accommodation, flights, and meals prepared by celebrity chefs for between $1,500 (day ticket) to $12,000.

Unfortunately, what was delivered was much, much less than originally promised. Punters arrived to find no luxury accommodation, no food, and no musical acts. People were re-routed to an 'impromptu beach party' while organisers clearly tried to get a handle on what was happening, with the festival later being cancelled.

And so, the week started with a $100 million lawsuit being brought by a law firm representing a number of spurned festival goers.

Now, the people being represented say they were held in an airport when trying to leave the festival and locked in against their will, despite there being no planes scheduled to leave the island. Mark Geragos, the lawyer who filed the case, was also recorded telling TMZ that several passengers passed out due to lack of water in the extreme heat.

With the court case unfolding, it looks like Ja Rule and Billy McFarland weren't the only ones who finished the festival with a headache. The saga continues.


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