Experience Live Gigs In Virtual Reality 360° Video With New App From Brisbane Start-Up

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L-R: Philip Sheen, Pixie Weyand and Chris Brady L-R: Philip Sheen, Pixie Weyand and Chris Brady Image supplied
Have you ever wanted to re-live your favourite music gig, but your fading memory has failed to remember all the details?

Well it's time to don your virtual reality goggles just like Marty McFly Jr. with Brisbane start-up, GiG VR creating content for the rapidly growing virtual reality industry.

The only known service of its kind in Australia, GiG VR film gigs in 360° video, distributing the film clips through social media and other platforms. GiG VR Co-Founder, Phil Sheen, is excited about his product. “This new technology is really great because it allows people to experience music they love and get them closer than ever so they feel like they are a part of the show.

“We are creating new experiences for a global digital audience and empowering them to be their own director by choosing how they interact with the film clip.”

The idea for this amazing new product was born after Mr Sheen and childhood friend and GiG VR Co-Founder, Chris Brady, combined their interest in virtual reality technology with their love of live music.

The pair have since partnered with iconic Brisbane live music venue, The Zoo, to promote local Brisbane music through filming their most special gigs in 360VR. “Working with GiG VR was a perfect match and perfect timing with our relaunch of The Zoo,” says Pixie Weyand, The Zoo owner.

Miami Horror, Toro Y Moi, Bleeding Knees Club, Wil Wagner, Butterfingers, Kodiak Empire and These New South Whales have already taken the plunge as some of the first musicians to embrace virtual reality and this new offering from GiG VR and The Zoo.

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