Dead Letter Circus @ New Globe Theatre Review

  • Written by  Tamaryn Bremner
  • Saturday, 04 March 2017 14:06
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Dead Letter Circus @ New Globe Theatre Review Image © Tamaryn Bremner

After producing a gold album, touring the world over, and fearlessly carving out their own sound, Dead Letter Circus returned to Brisbane on Thursday night (2 March), to revisit the place where it all began, New Globe Theatre.

It seemed only fitting the Brisbane lads from DLC launched their 'Endless Mile' tour, a celebration of the band's epic journey and legacy, in the very place it began, where they launched their debut EP ten years ago.

DLC.2Image © Tamaryn Bremner

Their national tour will see them revisiting some of their favourite venues performing iconic, re-imagined tracks, including their debut, self-titled EP in full.

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The intimate crowd erupts into applause as the boys walk on stage, and a hush ensues as they seat themselves comfortably. The stage was set for a fusion of acoustic and electronic, with the addition of strings (cello and violin). The crowd become completely motionless, and the anticipation becomes even thicker than the intense humidity I was inhaling.

DLC.4Image © Tamaryn Bremner

The band open their set list with the track ‘Here We Divide’, from their debut album, 'This Is The Warning'. The stripped-back arrangement and hauntingly-beautiful vocals of Kim Benzie hold the crowd spellbound.

The re-worked single, ‘The Space On The Wall’, lifts the veil a little further, revealing what the audience can expect tonight; it's followed by the intense track, ‘While You Wait’, off their latest album, 'Aesthesis'.

DLC.3Image © Tamaryn Bremner

The next three tracks: ‘I Am’, ‘Lodestar’ and ‘The Veil’ are from 'The Catalyst Fire' album, which saw the addition of a second guitarist to the band, adding further to the depth of their sound.

In 2013, the band found themselves saying good-bye to founding guitarist Rob Maric, and welcoming Clint Vincent into the fold. The album was received as being darker and experimental for the band, but the tracks performed tonight in their re-worked forms are achingly beautiful.

DLC.5Image © Tamaryn Bremner

‘Tremors’, and the hugely popular track ‘One Step’, bridge the gap to the first track off their self-titled EP, ‘The Mile’. The debut EP originally saw the lads as a four-piece, with Scott Davey on drums. Benzie recounts some nostalgia about their more humble beginnings as a band and some of the songs on the EP, during which point he turns to Luke Williams, their current drummer, who playfully shrugs and retorts to Benzie he wouldn’t know, he wasn’t in the band then.

Everyone shares a bit of a chuckle. The boys proceed to masterfully work through the six-track EP in its entirety, true to the original track order.

The evening draws to a close with one of the bands more recent tracks ‘Silence’, and as the final chords ring out, the room collectively wakes from the spell that has been cast over them.

While sipping on a much needed post-show beer, I truly feel as though I have been on a journey with the band tonight. Looking back through their career, revisiting the evolution of their sound, celebrating their mile stones, and even more so, looking forward, to their future. Cheers legends!

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