Cosmo’s Midnight @ The TBC Club Review

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While Cosmo’s Midnight’s 2015 EP ‘Moments’ tore me directly down the middle in terms of tracks to pick versus pass, their live performance at The TBC Club on Saturday (25 March) was an all-round masterpiece in its entirety.

The Sydney-based twin brothers have had a massive 12 months off the back of their debut EP’s success, steered primarily by huge hit ‘Walk With Me’ though later propelled by their equally (if not surpassingly) stellar 2017 single, ‘History’.

With pre-sale tickets disappearing swiftly leading up to the gig, it was no surprise to see a hefty crowd spanning out as the duo took the decks after midnight. The pair took the set to new heights with the added component of a live drum pad, all the while surrounded by a support base/ stage full of fellow artists in the industry (UV Boi briefly taking the microphone for a quick ‘wassup?’).

Patrick and Cosmo Liney coupled ‘Moments’ classics with cleverly-produced remixes (Chance the Rapper’s ‘All Night’ ignited like gasoline, unsurprisingly), executing a well-established understanding of their audience’s wants and needs.

Their iconic, pop-synth samples were unexpectedly paired with extraordinarily bass-heavy drops, adding a much-welcomed element of depth to their galactic-sounding, shimmering melodies.

Smooth crooner ‘Snare’ (my personal favourite of their discography) was as effortlessly cool and velvety as expected, while crowd pleasers ‘Ether’ and ‘Falling Out’ paved the way for a bumping dancefloor, padding out their short though sugary-sweet set.

Although Cosmo’s Midnight describe their genre as one that stemmed from a midnight-made remix of Lykke Li’s ‘Little Bit’, I’d argue their sound is very much still being cultivated.

‘Walk With Me’ may be the undeniable highpoint of the brothers’ career (so far), but to me it certainly wasn’t and won’t be the all-defining moment. Already ‘History’ has beaten the track in spades, demonstrating a fierce progression and development from what was originally bubbly, upbeat pop music to innovative, ground-breaking bangers.

I’m telling you, these boys will cement themselves among Australia’s prominent league of dance musicians this year, weaving their way to the top with tunes that will be, believe or not, even bigger anthems than previous releases. But for those who aren’t convinced, you just wait until you hear their recent Spaz remix.

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