Colin Lillie @ The Milk Factory Review

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  • Thursday, 17 November 2016 10:45
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Up-and-coming singer-songwriter Colin Lillie performed selections from his critically-acclaimed debut album ‘Glass Homes’ to a small, yet adoring audience in Brisbane (10 November).

Colin Lillie has been gifted an incredible voice. It’s a voice that has seen him win countless accolades, including nominations for the National Live Music Awards’ ‘Live Voice Of The Year’. Travelling from his adopted home of Alice Springs, the Scotsman’s weary, soulful vocals won over a small crowd in Brisbane, silencing them into paying very close attention.

Backed by a drummer and bassist, Colin’s songs would go from furious strumming to gentle finger-picking, all still with that furious voice. Particular highlights include ‘Give Thanks’, and the defiant rage of ‘Renegade’. After explaining his life story in between songs, a life filled with addiction, he acknowledged the running theme of his lyrics: “A lot of my music is about change because I had to change.”

Despite the small crowd, Colin’s voice easily filled the room, making the room bigger than it is. It won’t be long until he has to play bigger spaces to fit both his voice and the massive crowds Colin will surely attract


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