British India @ The Triffid Review

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Soda Jerks, Born Joy Dead and British India proved the perfect palette of musical flavours at The Triffid on Friday, 25 November.

A killer show comparable to a well-prepared, well-thought-out three-course meal. Each act transitioned smoothly from one to the next, showcasing different sounds weaved with similar, underlying tones that complemented the others nicely.

Like any decent appetiser, Soda Jerks’ performance was short and satisfying, enwrapped with quirky, catchy tunes driven by strong vocals, punchy riffs and a stellar bassline. The band screams of youth – not naivety, but instead fresh, infectious energy – taking loveable, toe-tapping indie rock to new levels with clever lyrics and well-structured song composition.

Soda Jerks displayed a certain boyish charm and playfulness in their music, springing smiles to the faces of many audience members. Though lurking beneath their innocent facade is certainly exceptional talent, promise and potential.

Say Soda Jerks were soft cheese, Born Joy Dead would be aged cheddar; as equally tasty though sharper, a little more refined, and a little more mature. Whatever hypothetical screws may need tightening with their performing have been well and truly sealed shut; the band played cohesively and expertly, adding years onto their surprisingly short career.

Born Joy Dead capably compose tracks containing a number of musical ideas and melodies, rewriting traditional song formatting and instead taking the listener through a journey of unexpected twists and turns. Stage presence was perhaps the only fault – which felt flat at times – though special mention to their latest single, ‘Sourdough’, an awesome tune laced with so many intricate sounds it proves the finer details truly do make a difference.

By the time British India graced the stage an impressive crowd of avid fans had gathered in the venue, excitement and eagerness rippling through the audience. Declan Melia’s distinctive vocals pierced the room, releasing an eruption of cheers from the onlookers.

From previous experience and known reputation, British India gigs are renowned for their passionate fan base throbbing in synchronisation to each song, though it isn’t difficult to see why the band has acquired a cult-like following of die-hard listeners.

Besides producing epic, emotion-tugging tracks that draw you in and ignite inner fires you didn’t realise were smouldering, all four members perform with skill, heart, and gut, throwing their-all into their instruments and peeling away any pretence or act to reveal a raw, honest love for music, and for the people listening to it.

There are many who can pluck a guitar with proficiency, but very few can stroke it like British India.


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