Netflix Announces Australian Original Series: Tidelands

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Australia, it's finally our turn to get a Netflix Original Series!

The streaming service has announced a supernatural crime drama called 'Tidelands', following the story of a former criminal returning home to Orphelin Bay, a small fishing village. She's left to uncover the town's darkest secrets (including its strange inhabitants called Tidelanders) when the body of a local fisherman washes ashore. Fans of Showcase series 'The Kettering Incident' might find this plot vaguely familiar.

The first season, which will have ten episodes, will be written by Stephen M Irwin who is best known for his work on Australian series 'Secrets And Lies'. He'll be joined by fellow creators Leigh McGrath, Nathan Mayfield and Tracey Robertson.

Production on the series (by Brisbane-based Hoodlum Entertainment) will begin in Queensland next year.


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