Wayne By Wayne Cooper: Fashion Or Female Genitalia?

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Wayne By Wayne Cooper: Fashion Or Female Genitalia? Image © School Mum Facebook

Wayne Cooper is one of Australia's most influential designers, and if his Sahara Beaded maxi dress is to go by, there's a new black on the market.

When this School Mum bought a $219 dress by Wayne, she expected her hubby to compliment how stunning she looked; not laugh hysterically at her choice in fashion. Once you see it, you can't un-see it. So if you enjoy the design of this stylish frock, stop reading now!

Wayne Cooper Vag Dress1What the women didn't see when she tried the piece on in Myer, was the female anatomy that the design resembles – I'm talking about the vagina, people. Her dress is covered in vajayjays.


So I bought this dress today from MYER because I really liked it ... I got home and put it on for hubby and any guesses first thing he said?? ??? #dressfail #onceyouseeyoucantunsee

Posted by School Mum on Sunday, 25 October 2015

Wayne Cooper Vag Dress2School Mums: In case you wanted to see the full vajayjay version #ohdear

If you were wondering, we're not the only ones with minds in the gutter; since the image was uploaded on Sunday it has had over 641 shares and 8,700+ likes.

The comments are even more disturbing (read: hilarious). Here's a taste of what we should be wearing this sping/ summer.

Vagina SwimmersEmma Powell: I had the same thing with a swimming costume!! The customer assistant didn't really understand when I explained why I was bringing it back!!

Vagina TopNatalie Weston: Omg this is exactly what my shirt looks like - it's a Wayne cooper .... It looks like boobs and vag

Vagina Top1Rachel Brown: I feel you pain!!! I got dressed for a job interview, then realised i was wearing an angry vagina!

And we all remember when this unfortunate design adorned the Colombian women's cycling team...

Columbian Cycling TeamSo ladies, the point of the story is... the female genitalia is inspirational? Sure, let's go with that.

Vagina Funny


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