Turning Tricks: Miracle Mongers @ Wonderland Festival Review

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  • Monday, 28 November 2016 11:16
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Turning Tricks returned for their third show of magic and comedy, revealing the secrets of history’s biggest weirdos and con artists at Wonderland Festival (24 November, Brisbane Powerhouse).

In past shows, Turning Tricks have explored the darker side of magical hoaxes, including contacting a spirit who may have been Jack The Ripper. However, for 'Miracle Mongers', the duo of magician Peter Booth and mentalist Sean Mergard give the same a topic a lighter touch while still striking their audiences with awe.

The first thing to be noticed is the addition of a pianist on stage, who gives the show an old-timey atmosphere thanks to his musical intermissions. But, the pianist isn’t just for show, he also demonstrates his ability to play a song the audience is thinking of.

Much like their faithful decks of cards, the Turning Tricks duo deliver tricks and laughs in spades by conjuring ice cubes to making five dollar notes disappear (and a few cheeky references to the city of Logan’s rough reputation in the latter).

Even when showing the inner workings of notable hucksters as Johnny Eck The Half-Boy, spoon bender Uri Geller, and the father of swindling P. T. Barnum, the duo are able to completely dazzle and surprise. Their finish is especially amazing due to the trick beginning before the show began thanks to some unassuming ads placed in local newspapers.

Turning Tricks is able to tie all of these loose strands together to deliver the message of ‘exploiting your weirdness’. Judging by the audiences’ wide eyes and big laughs, the entire show delivered straight into their blown minds.

Turning Tricks played as part of the Wonderland Festival at Brisbane Powerhouse from 24-27 November.

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