Tessa Waters @ Adelaide Fringe Review

  • Written by  Alicia Norton
  • Thursday, 09 March 2017 13:58
Published in Comedy News  
A bundle of non-stop energy, Tessa Waters had the crowd fixated from the moment they entered The Garden Of Unearthly Delights’ Spare Room (7 March).

Her bubbly personality shone through in the new show, titled ‘Fully Sik’: an ethos she fully embraced every step of the way in this delightfully, ridiculous hour of sketch comedy teamed with dance moves that truly need to be seen to be believed.

Fans of Waters may recognise some of the sketches from previous shows, however, much of the material is exciting and fresh. Not one to shy away from making a bit of a subtle statement or offering some useful information about female anatomy, Tessa Waters is all woman and she is damn proud of it. And so she should be!

Immensely physical, not a moment goes by where energy levels waiver for this seasoned performer as she continues to engage the crowd and win them over one by one.

While some may seem apprehensive to begin with, the delightful art with which Waters builds a connection with her audience is the key to the success of this solid hour of entertainment.

Transforming both the most mundane and the most absurd situations into believable, yet bizarre sketches is where the strongest laughs can be found in this show. In the rare situation that a joke or a moment falls flat, Waters can bring the crowd back on side with a sly wink or even the slight lift of an eye brow.

Perhaps leave the kids at home with Nan if you don’t want them to repeat some of the naughty words that are abundant throughout, but match wonderfully with Waters’ rough persona; which she curiously manages to pull off in the most elegant of ways.

Come for the sketches and dancing, but stay for the hilariously pants-wetting finale that will leave you in awe of what you’ve just witnessed; both in talent and sheer, beautiful ridiculousness.


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