Sammy J And Randy Land @ Wonderland Festival Review

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  • Friday, 09 December 2016 19:33
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Australian comedy duo Sammy J and Randy bring their latest joint comedy show to Wonderland Festival at Brisbane Powerhouse.

Sammy J and Randy have gained much acclaim for their comedy, so it’s only right they should take that goodwill and open a theme park as they have in their latest show ‘Sammy J And Randy Land’.

Using the duo’s gifts for silly props, filthy and clever dialogue and hilarious songs, Sammy J and Randy tell the story of how they decided to open the theme park.

The story begins with the pair feeling disenchanted with the way their comedy careers are going, with most of their pay being in the dreaded exposure to audiences (a gag which has one of the best pay-offs in the show).

Despite their strong friendship, as evidenced in a fun song about applying ice to each other’s genitals, Sammy J and Randy can’t agree on a vision for the park, leading to arguments, backstabbing and even multiple deaths.

The pair has become notable in the comedy world for their songs, but there aren’t as many of them this time.

When they do appear, the audience roars with laughter thanks to their clever and filthy lyrics, such as the previously mentioned ‘Ice On Your Dick’. Despite the lack of songs, the pair have emphasised the story, and it is marvellously written.


One scene, which highlights their writing, is one that begins with a discussion of Randy’s deviant sexual promiscuity leading into a flurry of dialogue consisting of words only starting with L, including the word pairing of “Labrador labia”.

The entire structure of the story is crafted exceptionally, with everything mentioned being of some importance and making its back into the story later on, even something as small as a reference to a floor tile ad.

It’s palindromic in structure, which is something to be expected of the man who once sang an entire song in palindrome. Just as impressive is their use of props.

Despite the cheap appearance of some of them, like a cut-out mask of Bondi Vet, they add a lot to the story and comedy.

The duo give a tour of their newly built and completely dangerous park through a great shadow puppet sequence; a sequence which does lead to a few unscripted technical difficulties, but their chemistry leads to them looking like they belonged in the show.

The show also features a number of displays of horrific things that can happen to penises, from the mention of one involving spiders to the gasp-inducing sight of Randy’s purple member being mangled.

Sammy J and Randy have shown once again why they are so highly regarded as comedians.

‘Sammy J And Randy Land’ is a brilliantly witty, filthy and funny display of their talents. Despite their mention in one song of gluten intolerant persons not being welcome, this coeliac would do anything to visit ‘Sammy J And Randy Land’ again.

Wonderland Festival runs at Brisbane Powerhouse until 11 December.

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