Sammy J & Randy Land @ Adelaide Fringe Review

  • Written by  Trista Coulter
  • Wednesday, 17 February 2016 08:18
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When you find yourself stuck in a rut there’s only one thing to do. Borrow three million dollars and open a theme park with your best friend – who just happens to be a purple puppet.

This is the idea behind comedy duo Sammy J & Randy’s new show ‘Sammy J & Randy Land’ but as the realities of theme park ownership set in it becomes painfully obvious the two have a very different definition of fun. Soon a clash of egos is brewing against a backdrop of killer carnival rides and a petting zoo featuring live raptors and a killer orca. And when the tension reaches boiling point all hell will break loose.

The evening begins with an opening musical number from Sammy J – who takes to the stage dressed as traditional ringmaster complete with coat tails, bow tie and top hat – and Randy – who makes an interesting entrance in a rather effeminate costume. From there the show launches into action with an hour-long tirade which includes an almost unnecessary amount of cursing, hit-and-miss musical numbers and slap-stick style jokes featuring everything from political figures to male genitalia.

While Sammy J proves himself a tolerable singer and performer, Randy is foul-mouthed and rightfully described by Sammy J as a “psychotic Ribena Berry”; there is no denying the two make an interesting team. Several technical glitches created some unexpected comedic opportunities and the pair handled it like true professionals, even managing to incorporate it into their routine.

The small stage of the Corona Theatre features a cardboard circus tent and novelty oversized juice box, the setting for a rather traumatising children’s puppet show. The pair make use of several transportable props including a human sling shot (prepare to duck) and an inflatable orca. The venue's one downside is its incredibly uncomfortable wooden slat bench seats and those of you who suffer from lower back problems should consider taking a cushion.

With its crude jokes and vulgar comedy antics ‘Sammy J & Randy Land’ is an acquired taste which may not appeal to everyone.

‘Sammy J & Randy Land’ plays The Garden of Unearthly Delights until 13 March at Adelaide Fringe Festival.


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