Luke McGregor @ Brisbane Comedy Festival 2017 Review

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Luke McGregor Luke McGregor

Luke McGregor brought his awkward yet relatable comedic stylings to Brisbane Powerhouse on Friday night (10 March) as part of Brisbane Comedy Festival, with his show 'Almost Fixed It'.

Luke tells us he named his show 'Almost Fixed It' because he finally got a girlfriend. The hilarious hour of anecdotes is based mainly around the challenges he faces living with someone for the first time.

The way in which Luke tells his stories is brilliant. His self-confessed stage fright doesn't get in the way of the comedy; if anything it adds to it, and makes 'Almost Fixed It' all the more hilarious.

“They told me it was sold out,” he says at one stage early on, pointing at empty seats in the front row. “That's where my parents were going to sit.”

Those seats were eventually filled, and their late entrance gives Luke some extra material. “Oh, welcome guys! Alright, that's the end of my show, good night everyone.”

Observational humour is my favourite kind of humour. Being able to identify and speak about everyday things we all experience in a comedic way makes for a highly entertaining show, because the audience knows exactly what the comedian is talking about. That's what makes Luke McGregor so side-splitting and hysterical.

He talks about OCD at one point as well. We're reminded of how we unconsciously close cupboards and doors before bed, and Luke even confesses to not being able to lie in bed with a chair facing him in case a ghost sits in it and watches him sleep.

Luke also takes the opportunity as the man with the mic to briefly address the current state of politics. He shakes his head at Pauline Hanson's 'ban the burqa' campaign, and asks “why would she want to ban burqas? They're the most practical clothing for redheads!”

Luke McGregor's quick wit and ability to be funny without even trying make him a serious contender in the best of Australian comedy. He has a real talent for storytelling, and his inevitable yet somewhat controlled unpredictability makes him a joy to watch.

★★★★☆ 1/2.


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