Hannah Gadsby Retires From Comedy @ Brisbane Comedy Festival

Gadsby’s newest show is real, raw and relatably honest, and touches on subjects in a way only a queer woman from small-town Tasmania could.

Three-time Best Comedy Performance Helpmann Award nominee and internationally-renowned Hannah Gadsby graced the Brisbane Powerhouse (19 March) for her most hilariously, honest performance so far.

Establishing her love for nans, who are evidently cute to the power of puppies, Gadsby narrates her experience at a corner store in small-town Tasmania with a barista named Nanette.

With ‘Nan’ in her name, one would assume that she has the qualities of a nan, yet this barista proved quite the opposite, providing Gadsby with the opportunity to explore how people like Nanette were the reason for her tension-relieving comedy career.

Throughout the show, Gadsby makes use of her seemingly useless art history degree, charming her audience with her wider knowledge of Picasso and van Gogh. She also explores her experiences of coming out of her Tasmanian hardwood closet and its ramifications: something that was conveniently left out of her other shows.

Identifying herself as a nan, she questions why she is expected to express herself with glitter and street festivals, when all she really wants to do is drink tea and nap.

What begins as a side-splittingly hilarious stand-up show quickly becomes a revealing rendition of the world from the perspective of a queer Australian woman. Gadsby touches on subjects that hit close to home for every member of the audience, taking them on a roller coaster of emotions throughout the performance.

With moments of silence, quickly followed by eruptions of laughter, topped off with applause and standing ovations, Gadsby entrances her audience like no other and her show is one not to be missed.

Sadly this was Gadsby's last show, as she announced her retirement from comedy to an emotional audience and worldwide fan base. Gadsby's wit, talent and and comic relief will be missed.

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