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Moo French, as she's known by her friends, is an empowering and crazed character. And a friend is what you leave the theatre feeling she is.

Dawn French is rich in wisdom and knowledge, and she's mature enough to know the difference. The 58-year-old has lived for 30 million+ minutes (but who's counting?) without attempting a solo stand-up show. And this isn't your average stand-up either. Because Moo doesn't do average.

Before she starred as 'The Vicar Of Dibley', The Fat Lady or became an author, Dawn played a large part in the wave of 'alternative' British comedians from the early '80s who began railing against the casual sexism and racism of mainstream comics. She was among Soho's Comedy Store Club, who helped to rewrite the rules of stand-up. Though she holds a new generation of fans by toeing the line of TMI, she has a dedicated following from her early days – and she connects to both equally.

After her parents died, she felt as though she was no longer a daughter. She had gone from being the child to parent with no room for misjudgement or error. In 120 minutes, Dawn draws a life lesson on how to be a: woman, father, daughter, wife, mother and sister. It's filled with stories of grief, laughter, heartache, hate, complication and love. And you'll walk out loving everything about your body as much as her, from your front-bum to your 'stubby' fingers. Because it's all pretty amazing, really.

Drilling down to Dawn's core, there's tragedy to her bubbly persona, yet she finds herself in a comfortable position. She emits calming vibes, and though her past is dotted with blemishes, she acknowledges and embraces them in her growth. Dawn has learnt to live in the present, something she inspires others to do.

There are occasions when the gears grind as she shifts from sombre flashbacks to comical material, and it can feel rigid and scripted at times. But her poetic emotional charge is honest and her take, original. It's Dawn French after all. Prepare for a soul searching session washed down with a block of chocolate and a chuckle with a new friend.

Dawn French Tour Dates

Fri 29 January – Queensland Performing Arts Centre (Brisbane)
Tue 2 February – State Theatre (Sydney)
Wed 3 February – State Theatre (Sydney)
Tue 16 February – Comedy Theatre (Melbourne)
Wed 17 February  – Comedy Theatre (Melbourne)

Tue 1 March – Riverside Theatre (Perth)
Wed 2 March - Riverside Theatre (Perth)
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