Bris Funny Fest 2017 Welcomes Dozens Of Comedians To Brisbane

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Lindsay Webb Lindsay Webb
Bris Funny Fest will welcome a slew of fringe comedians throughout August, with 45 shows planned featuring dozens of international and Australian comedians.

Festival director, Steven Morgan says this year's festival is a must-see for anyone who enjoys comedy with a twist. “This is the biggest year yet for Bris Funny Fest and it's a cracker. We've got something for everyone.

“We've gathered a diverse range of comedians and they're exploring every topic you could want to hear about: how to find or avoid love; 'Game Of Thrones'; motherhood; modern masculinity; how to know when you're an international sex icon; and why John Oxley was the mastermind behind Brisbane's miserable qualities.”

Festival highlights include Brisbane's own Linsday Webb with his latest show 'The World's Greatest Exaggerator' as well as Justin 'Rusty' White from New Zealand with his multi-award winning show 'I Learnt Something Once'.

Acclaimed comedians, Singaporean-born Ting Lim and Murri woman Stephanie Tisdell combine forces to present 'Token Ethnics', which is an exploration of what it takes to be an outsider. While Michael Connell's 'You're On A List' explores life, liberty and paranoia as for Marty Lappan he will grace the stage with comedic partner-in-crime Aaaron Pratt featuring 'Crikey Bro!'.

Put simply, there are too many shows to list here; we recommend you get a coffee and take a gander (ie. click this link) at the dozens of shows on offer when Bris Funny Fest descends on Brisbane 2-20 August.


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