Becky Lucas @ Brisbane Comedy Festival 2017 Review

Becky Lucas Becky Lucas

One of Australia’s freshest faces in comedy, Becky Lucas is blurring the lines between comedy and over sharing in her newest show, 'Little Bitch'.

Spending her spare time working with the likes of Matt Okine and Josh Thomas to create some side-splitting shows, as well as maintaining her low-key Twitter obsession, Becky has made quite the name for herself.

This year Becky is back for her second Brisbane Comedy Festival, and this time she’s touching all the hard-hitting subjects: being a child of divorce, the struggles of living in a share house, and being caught having sex while wearing a backpack.

Despite admitting to not knowing how to open the show (16 March), Becky has her audience in fits of laughter right from the beginning. Opening with her need for affirmation, she talks about her main influences in her life, particularly her drama teacher Mrs McCarthy.

Her relatable stories continue with identifying the ‘Jacinta’ in every friendship group (uptight, no top lip, you know the one…), crying a lot, and her experiences with drunk texting, or rather drunk emailing women she admires.

Becky’s sold-out shows at the Brisbane Powerhouse are small and intimate, and her ability to work an audience, while having a quick conversation with the girls in the front row several times throughout the show, is admirable.

This show is definitely an unmissable one. Becky is only performing until Sunday.

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