BangNation @ Adelaide Fringe Review

  • Written by  Tim Byrnes
  • Thursday, 18 February 2016 13:53
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The duo BangNation cause ruptures of laughter with their manic take on sketch comedy.

Sketch comedy occupies a small piece of the pie that is the Brisbane comedy circuit. However, the few sketch groups within Brisbane make up for their small numbers with scenes that make big laughs. A new duo to add to these ranks is the travelling sovereign state of BangNation.

Beginning with their own national anthem, the duo of Taylor Edwards and Chris Martin bring their mixture of the dorky charm of Screech from ‘Saved By The Bell’ and hyperactive absurdity of Sam Simmons to the stage for a series of hilarious sketches. BangNation’s sketches twist observations of everyday encounters by magnifying a small detail, leading to a series of absurdities: from a bathroom key with an unusual attachment, to sticking to a therapist’s advice even when it would be in their best interest not to. An unusual move for sketch comedy is incorporating a sketch as tenderly performed as a confessional poem to a lover about ducks; a move which pays off, as the intimacy of the performance amplifies the humour in the script, making the sketch even more amusing.

BangNation have not only crafted some brilliantly funny ideas, but they are able to bring their sketches to life thanks to their physical performances. Martin’s flailing limbs and Edwards’ wide-eyed facial expressions encapsulate the mania they’ve found themselves in. The titular ‘Bang’ stands for everything from sex to explosions, but this show will blow your mind.

'BangNation' perform The Crown And Anchor Hotel until 21 February as part of Adelaide Fringe Festival.


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