On A Night Like This @ MELT Festival Review

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On A Night Like This @ MELT Festival Review Image © Joel Devereux
We all know Kylie and Dannii Minogue, but did you know there's a third sister?

Well... Technically there isn't.

But 'On A Night Like This: The Erin Minogue Experience' introduced Brisbane MELT Festival audiences to a fictional third Minogue who just wanted her big break.

Erin (played by the talented Lizzie Moore) took us on a journey through her life, all the while performing hilariously Australian renditions of Kylie (and let's not forget Dannii...) songs.

She told her stories about being head over heels for Jason Donovan, Kylie's 'Neighbours' and real-life partner in the '80s, and her thoughts on another of Kylie's flings, Michael Hutchence from INXS.

Lizzie maintained an effervescent stage presence from beginning to end, drawing the audience into her completely made-up but possibly 100% legitimate stories of supposedly growing up with her star-studded sisters.

There was an element of hope in the performance too: Erin played a voicemail she received, which featured an opportunity tour with Kylie and Dannii. She buzzed at the thought of finally being in the spotlight.

The performance ended with Erin realising her sisters are just like everyone else, and that fame isn't everything. Along with this realisation came the opportunity for the whole audience to join in on a singalong of 'I Should Be So Lucky'.

Lyrics were projected on the screen, but Erin made sure to remind us that if we didn't know the words, we were “bad gays”.

Brad Rush should be congratulated for his piano accompaniments, and the ability to keep a solid straight face throughout most of the performance as Erin pranced around theatrically for an hour.

It was a night for fans of comedy, music and the Minogue's; an hour of simple yet witty jokes and stunning vocals. Lizzie's voice was pure gold, and belonged in a Broadway musical. The high notes were captivating and the low notes were striking and impressive.

MELT was the perfect home for the show, and Lizzie was able to warm the audience up right off the bat, forcing us up out of our seats to do the 'Locomotion'. The rest is history, and Erin Minogue (whether she exists or not) is a star.

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