Illicit: An Anti-Valentine’s Party @ New Globe Theatre Review

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  • Wednesday, 15 February 2017 09:11
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A sold-out crowd at the New Globe Theatre were treated to a night of subversion and beauty by Moment Of Inertia Productions.

There’s not a lot in the way of variety nights in Brisbane. Most entertainment nights in the city are dedicated solely to one art form – stand-up, burlesque, etc. – leaving audiences feeling fatigued. Moments Of Inertia Productions have come to remedy this with their latest show, ‘Illicit: An Anti-Valentine’s Party’, giving audiences a shocking night of performances they’ll never forget.

Hosted by the ukulele-toting, foul-mouthed Caitlin Armstrong, a line-up of 10 acts presented their strange and completely different takes on love. Opening the show was theatrical goth singer Ariel backed by a bassist, cellist and violist presenting a musical reworking of Oscar Wilde’s poem ‘Salome’, all while the Dusty Siren performed a sensual dance with a (fake) severed head.

Following that mood-setting opener was Nadia Vanek presenting a cabaret featuring a psychotic woman’s lengths to getting a boyfriend, featuring drugging, bondage, lots of body paint, and deranged revisions of popular songs. Just as amusing was clown Ty Fitzsimmons providing a graphic lesson in sexual education as he donned a bodysuit to play a penis, ready for the act of love.

The Pain-Proof Pixie returned to showcase her balloon swallowing skills, acrobats performed a Carnie Sutra, a spider-woman proved her flexibility in a her mating dance, and heaps more.

While the theme of the show was Anti-Valentine’s, all of the performers showed they all had a love for their craft, and audiences showed their love with a rousing after each performance.

‘Illicit: An Anti-Valentine’s Party’ is a dirty, sexy, and entertaining show featuring performers who are willing to experiment in their fields, and each with massive pay-offs. Moment Of Inertia are a company to watch, and will surely be presenting more daring works in the future.


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