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Dr Karl @ Wonderland Festival Review Image © Mel Koutchavlis
Australia’s most lovable scientist, Karl Kruszelnicki – known to most as Dr Karl – is undoubtedly one of the most familiar faces in Australian science commentary, in fact most of us would probably struggle to name any others.

Regularly featuring on television and radio, he currently sits in on weekly science lessons for triple j mornings, works for The University of Sydney, and has released countless popular science books to educate the masses.

In support of his latest release titled ‘The Doctor’, the self-declared “generalist” (which he explains as someone who knows a little bit about everything) filled the Powerhouse Theatre’s Lovebox as a part of Wonderland Festival, for a full-to-the-brim hour of scientific goodness.

The crowd were a mixed bunch, with an assortment of those enticed by scientific wonders and those drawn in by his humour and charisma, but one thing was certain; they were all in for a good night.

From the moment Dr Karl entered the stage, he did not stop talking for an hour straight, with barely a break, let alone a moment to catch his breath.

What’s more, the audience were enthralled from his entrance to the final question of Q&A.

Armed with two laptops, one of his signature colourful shirts, and stage-size projection of his presentation, Dr Karl took the audience on a whirlwind scientific exploration.

He delved into everything from Roman history to the collision of two black holes, with the addition of a few Tony Abbott conspiracy theories thrown in for good measure.

Without having to know a lot about science, Dr Karl educated his audience realistically and practically, showcasing his talent for communicating often complicated scientific content, in digestible and relatable material.

Perhaps what makes any one of Dr Karl’s presentations just so entertaining, is that not only do you walk away with more knowledge than you could have ever imagined, but you had a bloody good laugh at the same time.

He may be intelligent, scholarly, and incredibly switched on, but after years of seeing and hearing Dr Karl through the media, it is his extraordinary ability to connect science with people from all walks of life that is his true charm.

Regardless of the topic, it was obvious that Dr Karl genuinely enjoyed educating and entertaining the captivated Brisbane audience, and could have quite easily talked all night long, and the crowd would have been content to sit and listen to it all.

Wonderland Festival runs until 11 December.

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