Yolanda Be Cool Share 5 Great Places To Meditate

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Yolanda Be Cool's new single is titled 'Dance And Chant'. Yolanda Be Cool's new single is titled 'Dance And Chant'.

Never ones to rest on their laurels, Yolanda Be Cool have served up another disco-infused dancefloor weapon.

The purveyors of pure-house hedonism have once again proven themselves masters of the art of sampling, and by doing so gifting us with the instant classic ‘Dance And Chant’ - a reworking of Sam-Jam's 1979 original. More saxophone please. More!

Here, the lads take five deep breaths before sharing a few places where they like to meditate. Yoga mat not included.

1: Bed

The most important thing about a place to 'med' is that it's comfortable (although not in a falling asleep way because we always meditate upright); by putting a pillow behind your back and doing a morning 'med' in bed with the window open and the ocean breeze flowing through, there are not many better ways to start the day.

2: Studio

There's a studio in the Sweat It Out office that is meant to be for making music, but it's a great place to stop the tunes and get the whole office to zen out for 20 minutes.

3: Plane

The more you meditate, the more you can do it anywhere. While planes aren't ideal for the noise and movement etc., they're also great in the sense that on a plane you have the freedom to indulge in a long meditation; 'all you can med' our teacher calls it for the reason that no matter how long you meditate for, it won't replace the stress your body goes through when flying. Although it definitely goes a long way in minimising jet lag etc. and feeling good on arrival.

4: Outdoors on the bank of Lake Ontario, Toronto

We recently did this in minus-11 degrees and it was pretty amazing being completely rugged up; so it wasn't cold, but with the ridiculously refreshing wind from the lake blowing over our faces.

5: Burning Man

Nothing like being meditation deep as the sun comes up for another epic day at the Burn.

‘Dance And Chant' is available now. Yolanda Be Cool play Marco Polo (Sydney) 10 February and Rooftop Sessions @ Crows Nest Hotel (Sydney) 16 February.


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