Vancouver Sleep Clinic Begins Phase Two Of Music Therapy

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  • Tuesday, 31 July 2018 15:07
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Vancouver Sleep Clinic's 'Therapy Phase 02' EP is available now. Vancouver Sleep Clinic's 'Therapy Phase 02' EP is available now.

The evolution of Brisbane-based producer Vancouver Sleep Clinic continues on the next instalment of his multi-part 'Therapy' series.

Otherwise known as Tim Bettinson, Vancouver Sleep Clinic released 'Therapy Phase 01' independently in March following a less-than satisfactory experience with the record label that released his 2017 debut album 'Revival'.

After the success of the first volume, which saw his single 'Closure' (feat. Drew Love) dominate viral charts around the world, 'Therapy Phase 02' is a darker offering with Tim delving into his hip hop and R&B influences.

Free of the label ties that bound and impeded his creative output, Tim takes a definitive step forward as an independent artist on 'Therapy Phase 02'.

After supporting Angus & Julia Stone on their European tour, Vancouver Sleep Clinic tours Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane this week.

Tell us about the new EP 'Therapy Phase 02' and what you wanted to achieve with it?
[Tim] To be honest I didn’t have any sort of master plan arranged for these EPs other than the songs simply being things that I needed to get out of me at the time. This EP in particular is a lot darker and sees me experiment quite a lot with mood and sonics.

How does it fit in with what you established on 'Therapy Phase 01'?
'Phase 2' is a continuation of the journey I was venturing on in the year that I was stuck on my label deal.

What's the most important thing listeners should know about this record?
It’s very different! I would honestly be surprised if each fan was into every song. The 'Therapy' series has been a time of musical experimentation for me and I’ve tried not to overthink too much about what and how songs are released, but rather just put them out there and let people take what they want.

Were you happy with the response to volume one?
Yeah. It had been quite a long time since releasing music and the sound had definitely drifted in a different direction, so I’m stoked that so many people are still connecting with the things I have to say and the way it’s been translated.

Did you take a different approach to producing 'Therapy Phase 02' than 'Therapy Phase 01'?
Not really. All of the songs from both EPs were done around a similar time and very quickly.

The EP is heavily influenced by your deep reverence for hip hop and R&B; was there a particular era or certain artists you focused on?
Not really anything or anyone in particular. I think it’s just the way that a lot of music has been shifting and naturally I’ve been listening to more and more of it over the past few years.

You've said there is no better therapy than music; how has music been a remedy in your life?
When thoughts or emotions get crammed into my brain [music is] a great way to release all of that energy into something tangible. I love the peace and solitude of sitting down in the studio with no real intention and just seeing what happens naturally.

Do you have plans for a 'Therapy Phase 03'?
Most definitely. I got a lot more material on the way that I am excited about.

How are you feeling about the tour this week?
Really excited. It’s been a long time since I’ve been out playing shows and it’s my favourite part of doing the music thing. So I can’t wait.

What can audiences expect from these shows?
A lot of the new songs are packed with more energy and dynamics, so they can expect a bit of bounce and movement. And of course a bunch of the old songs thrown in there.

This is just an east-coast tour; any plans for a bigger live run down the track?
Most definitely, hoping to do a more extensive run potentially later this year.

What comes next for Vancouver Sleep Clinic?
A bunch of touring and then continuing the flow of new music.

'Therapy Phase 02' is available now.

Vancouver Sleep Clinic Tour Dates

Wed 1 Aug - Oxford Art Factory (Sydney)
Thu 2 Aug - Howler (Melbourne)
Fri 3 Aug - The Foundry (Brisbane)


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