US Punks Touché Amore Always Offer Love And Hope To Their Fans

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  • Sunday, 16 July 2017 17:20
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Californian post-hardcore band Touché Amore have achieved a lot in their nearly ten years as a band.

The band have released four acclaimed albums, including last year’s ‘Stage Four’ and have taken the tiring flight to Australia to tour for each of them. But vocalist Jeremy Bolm’s sign of success is more modest. “I always hope for the best,” he confesses.

“If anyone ever comes at all, I’m thankful. It’s been a few years since we were last here, so it’s nice to back.”

Touché Amore are beloved among fans for their cathartic songs of loss and acceptance. Each of their albums are filled with songs that are incredibly personal for Jeremy, with the latest exploring his grief over the loss of his mother. Jeremy has found fans have reacted to ‘Stage Four’ positively, whether they have lost someone or not.

“Maybe it’s some sort of preparation or a reminder life is short, and to be kinder and more present for the people in your life that matter. I think that’s what makes everyone get through it,” he considers.

Touché Amore are grateful to their fans for their support. They’ll often meet them after shows and thank them for coming.

Because of Jeremy’s introspective lyrics, fans will often share their own personal struggles with him after shows; an experience he still finds difficult. “I’m pretty jealous of the other members of the band who when they talk to somebody after a show they’ll just say thanks for the show or buy a record, it’s an easier conversation,” he laughs.

“Oftentimes it’s not always the easiest conversation to have one after the other at a show. But I’m always happy to hear anybody out and always give a hug and give them my condolences and things like that.

“I’m definitely no therapist; I’m struggling just as much as anyone else is all the time. If it can help anybody at any point, I’m thankful. If there’s anything positive that can come out of something so extremely negative, it’s always a good thing.”

Soon, Touché Amore will celebrate their ten-year anniversary with a show coinciding with the date of their first ever show: 8 February, 2008. The band will achieve another milestone with that show being their 1,000th show.

It all seems crazy to Jeremy that the band are now what they are today, but he’s proud of what the band has achieved including the opportunity to play to fans across the world. “We definitely feel very fortunate; we don’t take that for granted by any means. Most bands when they tour Australia, they do it once or twice in their career.

“But that we’ve been able to come back four times, we don’t take that for granted. We’re very proud of that.”

Touché Amore recently toured Australia promoting their newest album 'Stage Four'.

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