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UB40 played Metro City (Perth) 27 November, 2017. UB40 played Metro City (Perth) 27 November, 2017.

UB40 gave us their all from beginning to end at Metro City (27 November) and the crowd loved them back.

There wasn’t a moment during their Perth show when the crowd stopped interacting with band members along the way between songs.

I’m sure most will agree, the UB40’s ability to unify a diverse crowd and connect with people from all ages and all walks of life through music is something memorable to both see and be a part of.

Legends in their own right and with a colourful history as a band over almost four decades, I love that despite the odds they continue to defy the current dilemmas of the wider world, from the stage, bringing people together through music.

To share the room with them is something of an experience, not only because of their rich history and rich musical arrangements, but also knowing what they’ve been through, the impact they’ve had on the international music industry, the world stages they’ve played and industry records they’ve set even from the very beginnings of their career.

Throughout the night, band members seamlessly switched between instruments and roles on stage, their passion and experience oozing that world-class vibe. Each band member gave us their all and clearly had fun, their infectious energy and smiles reciprocated by the crowd tenfold.

They opened the night with 'Food For Thought' – the band’s debut single that went to #4 on the UK singles charts more than 35 years ago – and continued performing a rich list of classics including 'Here I Am', 'Red Red Wine' and their tribute to Robert Palmer with 'I’ll Be Your Baby Tonight'.

UB40 also gave us songs from their current album 'Getting Over The Storm', such as 'Midnight Rider' and 'Blue Eyes'.

Personal favourites of the night were 'Love Is All Is Alright', 'Impossible Love', and when Earl performed 'Reggae Music' I noticed I was united with the crowd in a dancing frenzy. Ending the night with 'Can’t Help Falling' UB40 created goose-bump moments as they bid their farewells.

Glad they came to Perth. Look forward to seeing them again soon.


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