Troye Sivan @ Brisbane Riverstage Review

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Troye Sivan at Brisbane Riverstage, 6 August, 2016 Troye Sivan at Brisbane Riverstage, 6 August, 2016 Image © Ophelia Symons
For someone with a collective 17 million followers across Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and Instagram, Troye Sivan is impressively humble.

On his first headline tour, the YouTube-star-gone-pop-prodigy from Perth graced the Brisbane Riverstage with his ethereal and charming presence for a solid one-and-a-half hour set.

Image © Ophelia Symons

Troye shot to musical fame in 2014 when he released his first ever major label single 'Happy Little Pill' and EP 'TRXYE'. Fast-forward to now, just two years later, and he's gained a devoted following of screaming fans who have fallen for his music, his image and his message. This following was out in full force at Brisbane's Riverstage, packing the mosh pit tightly to the point where security guards were elbowing their way through ordering the mob to take three steps back.

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Opening the night was electro-pop singer Nicole Millar. The lights dimmed and the smoke machines fired up, as the already huddled crowd squeezed together even tighter and people up the back tried their luck at getting through. Taking away the constant shoving, swaying and pushing, Nicole's set was a psychedelic, hazy wonderland of electronic synths and sweeping vocals. The audience seemed to love her, but it was hard to tell whether the piercing squeals were for Nicole, or the anticipation of who would eventually take to the stage.

Image © Ophelia Symons

Up next – and met with even louder approval from the crowd – was Troye's brother, DJ Tyde Levi. Tyde presented an impressive set, ordering listeners to jump and dance, creating an even more hyped atmosphere than before.

It was only a few minutes after Tyde wrapped up that the main event began.

A low, humming synth filled the venue, smoke coated the stage, and the band members entered. A beat kicked in, and out came Troye Sivan, launching into his song 'Bite'. The squealing was impressive, peaking for the night at this very moment. The shoving and uncontrolled pushing reared its ugly head again, but after about 15 minutes, it seemed as though the die-hard fans realised he was real, and they calmed down.

Image © Ophelia Symons

Troye is somewhat known (aside from his vocal talents of course) for his dance moves, and he certainly didn't let Brisbane down: swaying, popping and locking to the beat of his music all night. He treated fans to songs from his album 'Blue Neighbourhood': notably 'for him.', 'Heaven', 'Suburbia' and 'Cool'. After a loud sing-along to the title track of the EP 'Wild', Troye performed a stripped-down cover of Dua Lipa's 'Be The One'.

At more than one point throughout the night, the performer stopped to look around, and it came across very clearly that he was genuinely in awe of the turnout. “This is the biggest headline show I've ever done,” he said at one stage. “I wish little baby me could see this.”

Image © Ophelia Symons

He also referred to his sexuality and how nothing can be done to change it, so he may as well own it. It shouldn't have to be noted at all, but it did make this reviewer quite emotional to see such a huge amount of people gathering to appreciate an artist for his musical talent and presence, regardless of his sexuality. Being able to witness a point in history where people are celebrated for their potential without being judged for who they love is truly wonderful.

Troye finished off his set with 'Ease', 'DKLA' and 'Talk Me Down', before re-emerging with his band to play 'Lost Boy' and 'Youth', which ended with a fast-paced, remix outro that got the crowd pumping for one last time.

Image © Ophelia Symons

Brisbane was truly treated to a dreamy night of smoke machines, flashing lights and the delicate, celestial vocals of Troye Sivan. It was clear as day that he genuinely appreciated and was beyond grateful for the numbers that gathered to see him, and it was heartwarming to witness a man with such huge success treat his followers with as much kindness and love as he did.

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