Tickets To This Year's Woodford Now Available

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Woodford Folk Festival is on at Woodfordia (Sunshine Coast) 27 December-1 January. Woodford Folk Festival is on at Woodfordia (Sunshine Coast) 27 December-1 January.

Tickets for the 2019-2020 instalment of the beloved Woodford Folk Festival have gone on sale from today (11 June).

In its 34th year, Woodford Folk Festival is aiming build on the success of last year's event, which has been described as the best festival yet, and General Manager of Woodfordia Amanda Jackes is promising to raise the bar once more.

“We made a lot of changes last year with the implementation of a $3m infrastructure spend from the QLD Government and the Moreton Bay Regional Council," Amanda says.
“We took risks with the new layout and new venues; we were nervous, but our patrons loved it and it turned out to be our best cultural event ever.

“Now, there’s a new sense of confidence within the organisation and an ever-strengthening capability. It feels like the beginning of a new era for our Woodford.”

Organisers are currently curating in excess of 1000 shows across 27 stages, working around a theme for the next three years, 'Imagining A Beautiful Future'.

The official programme for Woodford Folk Festival will be launched in October for the annual event and includes a massive music and song program, talks and forums, ceremonies, comedy, cabaret, circus, 100 workshops and what's being dubbed ‘the most loving children’s festival in the world’.

Ticket prices remain the same as 2018/19. Woodford Folk Festival is on 27 December 2019-1 January 2020. Tickets for Woodford Folk Festival 2019/20 are available now, click here for more details.


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