Tia Gostelow Is Ready To Roll At The Queensland Music Awards

  • Written by  Ellen Cook
  • Thursday, 09 March 2017 12:24
With a nostalgic, relaxed vibe, 17-year-old Tia Gostelow's music career has taken off at an incredible rate.

With her natural ability and incredibly strong vocal talents, Tia can barely believe how her career has started. “It feels very weird. I’m not even legal yet, I can’t really do anything so it’s weird. It’s very cool as well though, very cool.”

‘Vague Utopia’ is the second single Tia has released after her strong debut, first single ‘State Of Art’. “It was the only good song I had ['Vague Utopi'].

"It just fit me and where I am right now really well. Me and all my friends have finished school and we are all in the same place. It really was the song that fit so well, so it felt right to release it next.”

Tia's style of writing music has developed. She discusses how meeting other artists has assisted her music. “I've picked up tips and taken a lot of things on board for songwriting from hanging with a bunch of other artists. I’ve been seeing what works for me, I found other tips that work for me and help my music.”

Her distinctive, nostalgic, wanderlust vibe has seen Tia nominated for six awards at this month's Queensland Music Awards.

Tia Gostelow 02 17

Tia doesn’t know what to say about the achievement except to express her surprise. “I don’t know, I’m so nervous. I always get so nervous and anxious at award shows. Getting nominated for six awards is crazy! It’s very cool, I didn’t expect it at all.”

Tia’s music has not only gained her attention at the Queensland Music Awards, it has also caught the ear of Triple J as she recently won the Triple J Unearthed indigenous initiative. “It’s all happened so quickly for me, winning the indigenous initiative Triple J award was amazing. It was also a great for other indigenous people as well.

"Triple J Unearthed is also great because it’s for the high school, younger crowd. It gives younger artists a chance to break into the music industry. It was a great starting point and it also helps artists begin to develop.”

Tia is currently working on her debut EP. “I want it to be something that everyone can listen to and like. I’m not just one genre. There are a few happy songs, although most of mine are a bit sadder but I really want people to hear my songs and know it’s me. I want them to know it’s a Tia song.”

But it's not only the creation of music that Tia enjoys. She loves performing on stage. “It sounds clichéd, but when I’m on stage I feel like that’s where I’m meant to be. It’s a bit weird seeing people singing along to your songs, it’s very cool and I love it! I love being on stage, I love the music. I love everything about it!”

Tia Gostelow performs at the Queensland Music Awards at Brisbane Powerhouse 27 March. She also plays Bleach Festival (Gold Coast) 1 April.


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