Thundamentals' 'I Love Songs' Album Review

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  • Friday, 21 September 2018 10:43
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'I Love Songs' is Thundamentals new album, out now. 'I Love Songs' is Thundamentals new album, out now.

With their fifth studio album, 'I Love Songs', Thundamentals mark ten years since their formation and reveal their most progressive and intricate album to date – Thundamentals have never sounded so good.

And that could be down to the unabashed realness running rife through the album. Tuka, Jeswon and DJ Morgs are spinning some very personal takes on one subject: love.

Such a universal topic is a world away from Thundamental’s usually socially-conscious commentary. But it’s an area they approach with a collected calm, a captivating vulnerability, and a sometimes cheeky flow.

The pulsing rhythm of opener ‘All I See Is Music’ feels like butter being spread on bread. It’s a smooth substance of slick vocals meeting a solid foundation of synth-soul beats, establishing a delectable foundation on which the rest of the album’s story grows.

Thundamentals have that innate ability to generate a sensation for every occasion. Oozing tropical beats and rapid lyrics, ‘Eyes On Me’ is nothing if not sex in sound, while ‘Everybody But You’ and ‘Overdose' are suave rides through heartbreak and longing married to delicate beats and profound vocals.

Who knew Thundamentals had such a romantic side to them? They execute romantic commentary like old souls and are as captivating at this angle as they are when their music addresses more turbulent socio-political themes.

Though love is the album’s solitary theme, its tracks are all-rounders. Each song is demonstrative of a different type of love and provide a soundtrack to every occasion: from hangs on the beach, barbies with mates, easy-breezy road trips, to a ménage a trois – 'I Love Songs' is about to become the soundtrack to your summer.

'I Love Songs' is available now.

Thundamentals Tour Dates

Sat 10 Nov - Forum Melbourne
Fri 16 Nov - Spilt Milk Festival (Canberra)
Fri 23 Nov - The Tivoli Theatre (Brisbane)
Fri 30 Nov - The Goods Shed (Hobart)
Sat 1 Dec - Enmore Theatre (Sydney)
Fri 7 Dec - HQ Complex (Adelaide)
Sat 8 Dec - Fremantle Arts Centre


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