Thundamentals Celebrate Decade Of The Thundakat With New Song 'I Miss You'

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Thundamentals have released a new track titled 'I Miss You'. Thundamentals have released a new track titled 'I Miss You'. Image © Luke Eblen

One of Australia's most-beloved hip hop outfits, Thundamentals are back with new music and the promise of a fifth studio album to be released soon as they celebrate a 'decade of the Thundakat'.

Now enshrined as part of Oz hip hip royalty, the Thundas have been creating party-delicious beats melded with evocative raps for ten years; their latest creation is 'I Miss You', a piano-laced, soulful track co-produced with Sydney multi-instrumentalist Carl Dimataga (Khalid) that explores modern society's unhealthy obsession with social media.

"You lose touch with reality if you're just looking at social media," Jeswon says.

"I feel like it's great to stay connected in the superficial sense and see what your friends are doing, but it's also kind of toxic. You forget that everyone is going through the ups and the downs. All you're seeing is the ups."

With the digital world connecting us like never before, yet alienating human relationships in the process Tuka sings with melodic directness on 'I Miss You': "I miss you. What happened to all of my friends?"

Jeswon says he hopes the track will inspire listeners to rekindle tangible, life moments that have been replaced by our digital addictions. "I'm more trying to engage in actual real life, as uncool as that is.

"I find that within my own social circles, I'm physically seeing my friends less and less. I'm addicted to my phone like everyone is. It's a proclamation: I miss you."

With over 37 million streams worldwide during their career, the Thundas are exploring new sonic territory on their forthcoming album. "We're known for like boom-bap hip hop and for me, 'I Miss You' was a good way to retain our sound," Tuka says.

"A lot of our songs are upbeat and quite playful, but I wanted to really move into a more experimental R&B aesthetic for the rest of the record and this is really a bridge."


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