The Wombats: Down Under To Groove And Moove

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British indie pop certainly doesn’t get much bigger than The Wombats.

Recently announced alongside The Smith Street Band and Tash Sultana to headline the 2017 Groovin' The Moo festival, the three Liverpool lads are preparing to put on one heck of a birthday party for the tenth anniversary of their debut record ‘A Guide To Love, Loss And Desperation’.

If you couldn’t tell from their name, the trio undoubtedly have an affinity with Australia. But none more so with the festival culture harvested by events such as Groovin The Moo. “The atmosphere is always amazing," drummer Daniel Haggis says.

“In Australia, with festivals, it’s such an all-day experience and not only that, people are massive music fans, especially at the festivals we’ve played. You can tell it’s not just people who are there to get drunk and see what happens, a lot of people there love music, which is awesome.

“We always love it over in Australia; the crowds are amazing, we get on really well with everyone we meet there and the weather’s better, so what’s not to like?!”

Over the past decade, we’ve seen The Wombats transform from guitar wielding, post-teen pop tunes in their debut record to the synth-infused anthems produced in their 2015 album ‘Glitterbug’.

Currently amid writing and recording their fourth studio album, the trio are planning a new release to be out in early 2018. Haggis assures fans that while their music and influences have changed over the years, the group’s passion for making creative, original music remains as strong as ever.

“We try to make things sound as new and as fresh as possible, so [we always try and find] the best way to get something different, whether it’s swapping instruments or using a different synth or a kind of mandolin; something different to spark some creativity in your mind,” Haggis explains.

As for how it feels to be celebrating your debut album’s tenth birthday, Haggis says it’s quite bewildering. “It’s the same as when suddenly it’s your 30th birthday and you’re thinking ‘What the hell, 10 years ago I was 20?’.

“None of us can really believe it’s been ten years, because your memory, for whatever reason, locks stuff in and you think ‘I remember that like it was yesterday’. For the three of us though, nothing has ever really changed. The roller coaster has got a bit faster and a bit wilder!”

The Wombats Groovin The Moo And Sideshow Tour Dates

Fri 28 Apr - Groovin The Moo (Adelaide)
Sat 29 Apr - Groovin The Moo (Maitland)
Sun 30 Apr - Groovin The Moo (Townsville)
Mon 1 May - The Riverstage (Brisbane)
Wed 3 May - Festival Hall (Melbourne)
Sat 6 May - Groovin The Moo (Bendigo)
Sun 7 May - Groovin The Moo (Canberra)
Mon 8 May - Sydney Opera House
Tue 9 May - Sydney Opera House
Thu 11 May - Metro City (Perth)
Sat 13 May - Groovin The Moo (Bunbury)

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