The Rubens Share 5 Favourite Maccas Orders

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The Rubems are lovin' it; Elliott Mangin (keys, vocals) selects his favourite Maccas meals. Serious. The Rubems are lovin' it; Elliott Mangin (keys, vocals) selects his favourite Maccas meals. Serious.

Aussie alt-rock favourites The Rubens recently returned with a new, groove-fuelled single ‘Million Man’.

They also have a short run of east-coast live dates in February and March that will lead into a month-long international tour of North America, Europe and the UK. ‘Million Man’ is the first taste of The Rubens’ third LP (due out later this year).

Teaming with Run The Jewels producers/ collaborators and brothers Wilder Zoby and Little Shalimar (aka Torbitt Schwartz), The Rubens recorded the album in a newly created studio, a World War II communications bunker in the outskirts of Camden in Sydney’s deep South West and have recently returned home from NYC where they put the final touches on the album.

With so much travel ahead of them, the top 5 Elliott Margin (keys, vocals) has selected makes a lot more sense: favourite Maccas orders.

Elliott has also asked us to let McDonalds know he is: "Happy to give McDonald's a shout-out in the liner notes [of a future release] in exchange for free McDonald's for life."

That seems fair Maccas. Right?

1. Happy Meal

The one that started it all. The one responsible for still giving you that little dopamine reward in your brain every time you see the Golden Arches appear on the horizon during a long car ride. Plus it comes with a toy. Sick.

2. Ten pack of chicken nuggets

For the person with a refined palette, but picky tastes. Hit after hit of chicken-y goodness. Enhance with sweet n' sour dipping sauce on the side.

3. Large Big Mac meal with a Coke (Coke Zero for the health conscious)

The classic order. The one that can't possibly go wrong. A strong option when ordering in a foreign land as it's the only thing you recognise on the menu.

4. Family box

Four burgers, four fries, four drinks and a pack of chicken McNuggets for you and a very close friend. Or just you. Who f#$%in' cares, it's your body.

5. Oreo McFlurry

People say that with their ice cream machines so frequently out of order, getting a McFlurry on your Maccas trip is a rarity.

This connoisseur, however, is yet to encounter a broken machine. If you need a good luck charm on your next run, I'm happy to oblige.

The Rubens Tour Dates

Sat 24 Feb - The Tivoli Theatre (Brisbane)
Thu 1 Mar - Forum Melbourne
Sat 3 Mar - Sydney Opera House


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