The Rubens Adelaide Review @ HQ Complex

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  • Tuesday, 04 December 2018 15:58
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The Rubens played HQ Complex (Adelaide) 30 November, 2018. The Rubens played HQ Complex (Adelaide) 30 November, 2018. Image © Lisa Vincent

The Rubens played HQ Complex in Adelaide on Friday (30 November) as part of their current 'Lo La Ru' tour.

They jumped into their first song ‘Go On’, from their latest album ('Lo La Ru'), a very bouncy track that had everyone in the club bopping along. They followed it with old favourite ‘The Best We Got’, which had everyone singing along; and just like that the night was set.

Lead singer Sam Margin, one of the three brothers who started the band, has a strange style while singing, either reaching out to the front row in a desperate manner or almost conducting the band with hand gestures.

The Rubens.3The Rubens - image © Lisa Vincent

During ‘Cut Me Loose’, Sam ventured into the audience and stood facing the stage in the front row like he was trying to be part of the crowd. Then he weaved his way to the back of the room and came up to the first level still facing the stage and hugged some people, much to their delight.

Click here for more photos from the show.

Their most recent single, ‘God Forgot’ was thrown in the mix along with ‘Teeth’ and my new favourite Rubens’ song ‘Freakout’. It’s strange and somehow glorious discovering a song in a new way when it’s performed live.

They closed the night with their four most popular songs. A special version of ‘Never Ever’ featured support act Ollie English, who stepped in to sing the duet with Sam replacing female soloist Sarah (on the album version) with a different but equally emotional performance of the track.

The Rubens.2The Rubens - image © Lisa Vincent

Oldies but goodies, ‘Hoops’ and ‘Lay It Down’ had the crowd screaming again before they closed the night for good with ‘Million Man’ – undoubtedly the most feel-good summer song of their new album. A perfect way to close the show on the night before summer, sending us home with smiles on our faces.


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