The Midnight Melbourne Review @ The Corner Hotel

  • Written by  Callum Doig
  • Tuesday, 23 July 2019 16:28
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The Midnight played The Corner Hotel 17 July, 2019. The Midnight played The Corner Hotel 17 July, 2019.

If you have not yet witnessed the nostalgic authenticity of synthwave, then you, my friend, haven’t a fraction of an inkling to understand the magic and detail that sparks from what is the most enchanting, grandiose form in this decade of music.

Such a genre has revitalised the crystal-clear reflection of the ’80s; the fluorescent textures, the futuristic soundscape, and above all, the pre-digital era of what seemed like a retro utopia. Such components comprise the US-based duo known as The Midnight, who made their first Australian tour with an appearance at Splendour In The Grass, along with two side shows for the locals of Melbourne and Sydney to experience.

With numbers pouring into The Corner Hotel (17 July) on a freezing evening in Melbourne, the Sydney two-piece known as Cry Club were given the go sign to warm-up the audience with a plethora of synth-infused rock music that was nothing short of an energetically-driven set. For the next half hour with most of the patrons inside, Cry Club earned themselves a most satisfied response from the crowd and succeeded in hyping them up for the main event.

Not long after, The Midnight set foot to the stage and immediately amazed the entirety of the venue with a blissful wave of synths, reverberating drums, and the euphoric sound of saxophone solos. With 75 minutes in their time slot, The Midnight resurrected and utterly perfected with a soundtrack that felt like a journey back to the ’80s in a DeLorean with The Lost Boys, Tom Cruise, and Bill & Ted.

With a set list consisting of exhilarating bangers such as ‘Gloria’, ‘Crystalline’, ‘Days Of Thunder’, ‘Sunset’, and ‘America 2’ being executed in the process, it was impossible to find one person with their lips sealed and their body still.

For an evening that undoubtedly remained true to the ’80s, The Midnight took everyone of every age on one hell of a ride back to what felt like the pinnacle of nostalgia – with the liveliest chemistry one could ever experience between a band and their oh-so-dedicated and loving fan base that shall forever expand.


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