The Living End @ Forum Melbourne Review

  • Written by  Stephen Buckle
  • Wednesday, 29 June 2016 16:50
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The Living End @ Melbourne Forum 24 June, 2016 The Living End @ Melbourne Forum 24 June, 2016 Image © Carl Neumann

With the Forum lights lit up outside, the line started to form. This was going to be a magical night (24 June) as the venue had packed out to see one of Melbourne's best The Living End perform.

This was the second of two sold-out shows and everyone braved the cold for the warmth they would get from the Melbourne three-piece.

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First act was the 131's, a Melbourne band who've only been around a couple of months. But boy did they have energy, charisma and a whopping half hour of power. All of this combined with the Rancid-esque vibe I got from the main singer made for a great opening band.

131s131's - image © Carl Neumann

The short, pink Mohawk definitely alongside the denim-on-denim clothing style represented how punk they were. Dedicating a song to New Zealanders in the audience, they played 'Northbound Drive'. This band has got the makings of a wonderful future.

Bad//Dreems then hit it off with singer Ben Marwe pacing the stage throughout the show, belting out the lyrics with a unique grind to his voice.

Bad DreemsBad//Dreems - image © Carl Neumann

The name of the band made sense to me as I felt Ben was portraying what his dreams were like during his stage time. Gestures made it feel like he had something or someone in his head and he wanted them out, which made me want to watch the band further.

They brought the awesome as he continued to pace around a guest guitarist like a wolf around its prey. "Table 54, your steak and chips are ready!" the singer joked during his set, which had the packed Forum crowd laughing. They kept the universe inside the room awake and most definitely ready for what was still to come.

Bad Dreems.2Bad//Dreems - image © Carl Neumann

As a local where Chris Cheney grew up, I've always enjoyed the performances that The Living End produce and this was no different. With their new album 'Shift' out, we were in for a blissful hour-and-a-half of local hard-rock covering the 20 years of their music.

The Living End.4The Living End - image © Carl Neumann

Opener was 'Monkey', the first single off 'Shift', and the crowd were immediately connected and didn't let up until TLE were done. With hits covering their whole discography the crowd didn't stop singing and smiling. No one was not standing still or smiling. Not even the miserable, hometown Melbourne weather could wipe the smiles from the faces of the band.

The Living End.2The Living End - image © Carl Neumann

With Scott Owen handling his double bass like a Latin dance partner and Andy Strachan making the drums echo from the front to the back, the crowd joined Chris Cheney in singing 'Uncle Harry'. This song had not been played for a very long time, and it was evident as some of us noticed Chris slip on the lyrics, before laughing it off and getting straight back into it.

The Living End.5The Living End - image © Carl Neumann

With hits 'Prisoner Of Society' and 'White Noise' sending the band out on a high, the crowd yelled 'encore!' Stomping the ground of the Forum like a running buffalo herd it brought the band back for not one but two encores.

The Living EndThe Living End - image © Carl Neumann

'Keep On Running' from their new album slowed things down and showcased Chris' talented vocals. With a sound of a younger U2, it was well accepted by the crowd. 'West End Riot' started and the crowd jumped back into life, with crowd surfers activated.

The Living End.3The Living End - image © Carl Neumann

The Living End brought smiles to each and every member of the crowd. A tasteful end to the concert with over twenty years of The Living End covered in one and a half blissful hours.

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The Living End Setlist

Second Solution
Roll On
Hold Up
Up The Junction
All Torn Down
Raise The Alarm
Staring Down The Barrel
Moment In The Sun
With Enemies Like That
Uncle Harry
Long Live The Weekend
Prisoner Of Society
White Noise
Keep On Running
West End Riot

2018 AIR Awards Nominees Playlist


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