The Creases Ask 'Is It Love?' On Debut Album

  • Written by  Grace Purvis
  • Thursday, 24 August 2017 15:30
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Brisbane indie-rock band The Creases recently released their debut album, 'Tremolow', and announced their biggest headlining tour of their career. Winning.

With their first track released in April 2013, the lads: Joe Agius, Jarrod Mahon, Gabe Webster and Aimon Clark have grown a lot musically the past four years. “We're all very very excited [the album has finally been released]; it's been a long time coming. We recorded it over a year ago,” bassist Aimon says.

“The most exciting part about it is being able to play a show full of songs that have actually been released. For the last four years we've been playing a show of four singles and then four songs no one's ever heard.”

Gabe (drummer) quickly adds: “It's going to be great to finally get it out, to have a sizeable piece of content for people to bite into.”

Four years may seem like a long time for a band to wait to release their debut album, but Aimon and Gabe believe it is just the “right” time. “We really wanted to build a fan base before we released a debut album, but we also weren't ready,” Gabe says.

“This was the first band that most of us had ever been in and we're still getting to grips with it.”

“I mean it's hard to start out as a band, you always think you're a bit better than you are,” Aimon modestly admits.

The word 'tremolo' refers to a musical term describing a wavering tone and the album was produced by Northeast Party House drummer Malcolm Besely. Aimon says Malcolm was the perfect man for the job. “It was really good to be able to produce it with him because we already knew him on a friend level.

“Our first ever tour was with Northeast Party House so it was amazing. We've tried other producers, but it didn't work out well at all,” Aimon laughs.

Aimon says the band have made a big effort to improve their musical standards on the new album.

“We've tried to make it more precise; whereas with the old stuff it was all very delayed and kind of drone-y.”

'Is It Love' is the “accidental” lead single on the album with the boys revealing they never planned on it being a single. “It was the last song that we recorded and we recorded the drums on a really rushed day and it ended up being a single,” Gabe happily admits.

Band life can be overwhelming at times admit Gabe and Aimon, but they insist they have their creative outlets. “I run trivia nights in Brisbane, it's pretty full time. I'm pretty legit,” Aimon says laughing.

'Tremolow' is out now. The band showcase at BIGSOUND 5, 7 September.

The Creases Shows

Fri 8 Sep - Rocket Bar (Adelaide)
Sat 9 Sep - Jack Rabbit Slims (Perth)
Fri 15 Sep - Howler (Melbourne)
Sat 16 Sep - The Lair (Sydney)
Fri 22 Sep - The Zoo (Brisbane)


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