The Cook's Daughter Arrives At Perth's Fringe World

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Lynn Hazelton stars in 'The Cook's Daughter' at Fringe World in Perth. Lynn Hazelton stars in 'The Cook's Daughter' at Fringe World in Perth.

A winner of the WAM Country Song of the Year with alt-country legend Bill Chambers for ‘Melita Station’ in 2015/16, WA musician Lynn Hazelton also completed her 33rd community music project last year.

She also released her album 'The Cook's Daughter' in 2017, that she will bring to life as part of Perth's Fringe World in early February.

Come soak up the sounds and sights of 30 degrees south in a soiree of song, vision and verse. This new imagining draws the fantastical from the actual to expose and share the mood of the melting heart of West Australia.

A dusty folk tale based on Hazelton's childhood as the 'the cook's daughter' on the iconic and isolated Melita Station, it is set on gibber stone plains, surrounded by twisted mulga on the edge of the goldfields.

Ten-year-old Midge is annoying as she is small; surviving eagle strike, mischievous willies and dastardly drought, she ‘gets her mosey on’ in her quest to be useful to all she encounters along the way.

The show opens to a long drought causing trouble on the land. People trying, stock dying and the never-ending dry stealing water and hope.

But the wisdom of the Wongi and the unquenchable spirit of the ‘bally little nuisance’ live on, thriving through hard times with the help of an open mind, a box of matches and just a touch of humour.

Midge tells how she goes bush with her mum hoping for a bed, but how she really wants a home, but how she ends up belonging anyway.

Lynn Hazelton and guests perform 'The Cook's Daughter' with open hearts, catchy tunes and a touch of comedy at The Fly Trap at Fly By Night Musicians Club as part of Perth's Fringe World 8-9 February.


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