The Choirboys Return To Paradise
 With More Live Shows

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  • Friday, 20 January 2017 16:56
The Choirboys The Choirboys

Aussie pub-rock legends, The Choirboys will make a triumphant return to the live-music scene and as frontman Mark Gable explains, it seems that boys will always be boys.

“What we do more than anything else is look for the lunatic edge in things,” Mark says.

“Because let's face it, it's nearly 40 years since we started, we're not young anymore and we're not in it for money, so we've got to look for another avenue of release and that release is just having pure fun.

“The fact we're still alive and still doing it is something to celebrate, so really every time we get up there it's a bloody celebration and we have so much fun.

"We just want to entertain; we don't want to educate, we don’t want to change people's lives, we just want to elevate them to a position where their everyday lives are changed, even if it’s just for an hour and a half.”

The Choirboys embark on a tour throughout January and February, which includes regional venues, as well as a headline slot at the Agnes Blues, Roots & Rock Festival. “I’m approaching it with an equal level of excitement and trepidation,” Mark says of the impending tour.

“Because we've had a couple of years off focussing on recording and re-establishing things, getting networking teams on board and that kind of thing. Being with Choirboys is easy, because we all know the music. Playing Choirboys music is really easy to do, we're so used to it that it's engrained in our system.”

Living up to their ‘never gonna die’ mentality, in addition to the tour The Choirboys have also been busily preparing a collection of new material they plan to release as three consecutive albums.

While remaining tight-lipped on specific details, Mark says the new records revolve around their musical upbringing in the ‘60s and ‘70s leading to the formation of the band. “We have another album in the works,” he says.

“The album is entitled ‘1965’, and what I can tell you is that it's about our upbringing in the ‘60s, coming out of the ‘50s into the ‘60s. The next album, I don’t know what the title will be, is about Australia in the '70s.

“Once again, there's something specific about it which I can’t tell you because we want to keep it secret until it's all done, because it's a lot of work and we might die from the exhaustion of all the work it's going to take.

“Then we're doing a third album; I’m not too sure of the subject matter but I can tell you that it's only going to have three chords in it, and they will be the most amazing three chords you've ever heard,” Mark boasts with a laugh, before adding one of rock & roll’s most fundamental truisms.

“The thing is, if you can't write a great song with three chords then you can't write a bloody song at all, mate.”


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