Tame Impala @ The Riverstage Review

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Tame Impala at The Riverstage, Brisbane, 21 November, 2015 Tame Impala at The Riverstage, Brisbane, 21 November, 2015 Image © Lachlan Johnston

Last Saturday night (21 November) Tame Impala demonstrated why they are destined to roam the international music landscape for years to come.

Lead by the sublime frontman Kevin Parker, the band commanded a near sell-out crowd at The Riverstage throughout a 90-minute performance that traversed, neatly, all three of their longplayers.

The night was ignited with opener 'Let It Happen', which had punters rushing the stage, the hill at times resembling the famous Gloucestershire 'Cheese Rolling and Wake' race in the UK.

TI.5Image © Lachlan Johnston

Fans of 'Lonerism' were catered to early, with 'Mind Mischief' showcasing the band's musical chops, the arena filled with a warm, glorious, reverd-soaked wall of psych rock.

The final show of their Australian tour, the band were tight as they rushed through 'Why Wont They Talk To Me?', 'It Is Not Meant To Be' and 'The Moment'.

TI.2Image © Lachlan Johnston

'Elephant' had the crowd stomping again, while the appearance of 'Alter Ego' in the set list – welcomed with Parker's simple statement: "here's an old song" – left most in the crowd hushed, many not knowing this pearler. It was great to hear live, and on a massive sound system.

Kevin Parker found he had an 8,000 strong choir when the opening bars of ''Cause I'm A Man' rolled out. Before the pysch freakout was complete with 'Apocalypse Dreams' afforded all the lavish rock trappings: unlimited use of smoke machines, strobe lighting to wake the neighbouring galaxy and oodles and oodles of psych-guitar riffs.

TI.4Image © Lachlan Johnston

As the band trotted off stage, I was satisfied and so to it appeared was the crowd. But Parker and company weren't done.

The encore was fronted by 'Feels Like We Only Go Backwards', the band filling The Riverstage with enough psych rock to to power Woodstock for days.

Then entered 'Nothing That Has Happened So Far Has Been Anything We Could Control', the band freestyling for 20 minutes, the devoted disciples lost in a hazy bubble of wonderment, as Parker and band left most in attendance with a goofy smile of appreciation.

TIImage © Lachlan Johnston

It's been five years since I saw a timid Tame Impala play at The Zoo… that night they still rocked out, but the rawness was evident for the 100 or so in attendance to see. But judging by Saturday night, their journey has a long way to go.


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