Sweater Curse Will Model New Music At 2018 BIGSOUND

  • Written by  Nicholas Hastie
  • Saturday, 11 August 2018 14:51
Brisbane indie band Sweater Curse showcase at 2018 BIGSOUND. Brisbane indie band Sweater Curse showcase at 2018 BIGSOUND.

Brisbane band Sweater Curse have offered a taste of their upcoming EP with the release of new single, 'Can't See You Anymore'.

"It's a relief to be able to release it and finally be able to finish recording our EP, which will be coming out a bit later [this year]," band member Chris Langenberg says, who explains further that the single was a collective effort of the three-piece and came together very naturally.

"It was a pretty easy writing process. Within two practices working on it, we had the song done. It doesn't always work out like that with our songs.

"We've written a lot of songs together. We usually come out with a similar sound, which is good and with all our tastes combined, it sort of makes it all coherent. The reception towards it has been so lovely as well. We couldn't have expected that."

The release of 'Can't See You Anymore' is the first single off the band's upcoming untitled EP, set to be released in the second half of this year. "We really wanted to start letting people know that we have an EP on the way. We recorded all the songs for the EP in one go, including this single.

"We recorded six songs. There's going to be five on the EP and one coming out a little bit later on a special release.

"We have been playing these songs for a really long time now and we got to work with Fletcher Matthews from Sydney, who produced the record. The EP is definitely going to show off a much wider dynamic."

The local band are excited to be showcasing at BIGSOUND this September. Chris says he is looking forward to seeing the crowd's reception to the new songs. "It's going to be exciting to play in front of new people that probably haven't seen us before.

"We have played a bunch of unofficial [BIGSOUND] shows over the last two years, just around the week of BIGSOUND. This is the first time we are going to be able to knuckle down and do real shows. It's going to be great.

"It's going to be so great meeting and playing with [these bands]. We're all super humbled and excited to play at BIGSOUND this year.

"There's always a lot of very important, very cool companies and people that are around in Brisbane. Also, the fact that it's in Brisbane is very exciting. We don't have to go anywhere."

The band will also be ready to showcase new material. "We have a couple of new songs ready to play. BIGSOUND will probably be the first time we try them out.

"We've also been thinking about doing a couple of covers of other bands playing at BIGSOUND, inviting them onstage and having a big, fun time."

Sweater Curse Tour Dates

Thu 23 Aug - Grace Emily Hotel (Adelaide) - with Phantastic Ferniture
Sat 25 Aug - The Gasometer Hotel (Melbourne) - with Phantastic Ferniture
Wed 29 Aug - Oxford Art Factory (Sydney) - with Phantastic Ferniture
Sun 2 Sep - Valley Fiesta Closing Party (Brisbane)
Tue 4 Sep - BIGSOUND (Brisbane)
Thu 6 Sep - BIGSOUND (Brisbane)


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