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The Wet Fish The Wet Fish

The Wet Fish are an instrumental live machine, delivering good times for all with a versatile and contagious mix of classic surf, spy, soul and high-energy rock & roll.

With live shows offering a rousing blend of originals and a unique twist on crowd-pleasing gems, The Wet Fish are guaranteed to get the party started.

You guys describe yourselves as a 'working band'; and you do work. Fifty shows last year. Where do you get the energy to maintain such a hectic schedule?
Well, we didn’t set out to do 50 but we don’t like to knock back work if we’re available. It can get a bit exhausting fitting it all in with day jobs, life etc. The 'behind the scenes' stuff can be much more energy consuming anyway. Playing live is the reward.

The style of the band is usually 1950s, '60s surf rock; upbeat, dancey, good times. How popular has the genre become in recent years with younger audiences?
Well the under five age group dig us. It’s evident that there has been a resurgence in bands saying that they play surf. We’re out of touch with a lot of it, but it’s probably quite different to the instrumental stuff that we do.

Each show you play three-plus hours… does each band member have regimented fitness programmes?
Very little fitness. The bassist did two months of gigs in a moon boot due to his fitness regime. The shows are our workout.

Seriously, most bands play for an hour, 90 minutes max; the passion and love you have as a collective for music must be contagious?
Music is a big part of our lives and the band started with the intention of doing multiple-set gigs. We figure that once you’re at a gig and you’ve set-up all the gear, you may as well play for longer.

2016 so far… what has been cracking for the band. You've been recording home demos?
Some great shows and a few firsts. Played at a pool party and also on a beach for the first time. Always trying to fit in writing and home recording. It can be just as rewarding as gigging and it’s how we come up with most of our originals.

May, June will see the band ramp up the live action with ten shows… is there a particular focus for this run of shows?
We’ll be breaking in eight new songs and looking forward to a Friday night residency at the Buffalo Bar. Come down, grab a bite to eat and check it out from 8pm.

You'll be playing a few coastal gigs as well. I'm presuming your style goes down a treat on both Coasts?
We are getting back to Miami Marketta and Cooly Rocks On, should be heaps of fun. The music is appreciated on both Coasts but no more so than in Brisbane.

The band has 100 songs in its repertoire. From well-known and obscure covers to your own originals… do you guys have a monkey in a sweat shop peddling out new tunes?
We wish! It has taken us a few years to get this many songs. A lot of the originals were recorded as demos before we even started live work. We’ve got many more songs that we’d like to be doing, just not enough time!

Are there plans to send the band interstate for more shows?
I don’t think the four of us could co-ordinate the time off our day jobs! It’d be great to start with northern NSW, we haven’t done a show in that region yet but we’re definitely keen to get down there soon.

The rest of 2016… what is the plan for the band?
Many more shows hopefully. We’re hoping a release will happen at some point but we’re mostly concerned with getting the actual recording done properly. We definitely have the material.

The Wet Fish play Eat Street Markets 6 May, Buffalo Bar 7 May, Manly Hotel 8 May, Buffalo Bar 13, 20 May, Alexandra Headland Hotel 21 May, Buffalo Bar 27 May, Miami Marketta 28 May, Buffalo Bar 3 June, Cooly Rocks On 12 June and Eat Street Markets 25 June.


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