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Superego played The Bird (Perth) 8 September, 2018. Superego played The Bird (Perth) 8 September, 2018.

With their recent metamorphosis into the fresh feels of Superego, the band formerly known as POW! Negro hit the stage at The Bird (8 September) in Perth not long after returning from their recent national tour for 'I Am The Judge'.

“Hey Perth, it’s been a minute, how are you?” the group's MC Nelson Mondlane asked the crowd.

Opening with a brand new song, 'Typist', Nelson rapped: “Everything changes, everything fades, swept away, embrace it.” Fitting lyrics for the freshly realigned band, who appear to be steering more towards the funk and dub style of rock and hip hop but still with that fierce delivery.

More refined and subtle at gently shoving it down your throat, their performance was different to the hard and fast sounds I’d seen from them last year which had left me not knowing what just happened.

This performance though left me on the edge of my seat waiting for the next song, the diversity blissfully colluding with my senses.

With a new EP on the horizon for early next year, the band are looking forward to producing something that more closely represents the diverse fabric of who they are.

“Everything’s been going so fast over the last three years that we just wanted to slow things down a little to regroup and focus on producing the kind of sounds we’d like to collaboratively put out there” drummer, guitarist and vocalist Rhys Hussey explained.

The multi-talented sound creators swapped instruments and mics throughout the night, taking turns rapping and singing as they performed mostly new material, including a new track called 'Ston Gon' featuring raps by guitarist and sampling aficionado Lachlan Dymond who has released the song under his own moniker, Faoul Duke.

Having graciously acknowledged Whadjuk country, Nelson lead with the mic on another new song, 'Last Tango' with its catchy and comfy hip hop bass and electric guitar features. 'I Am The Judge', their newly released song under their new name, gave insight into their evolving sounds, drummer Rhys singing R&B vocals from the back in-between Nelson's rapping. “This song is about thinking for yourself, f... that voice in your head,” Nelson said.

But among the fresh new sounds, there were the some old favourites too, such as 'Hidle Ho' and 'Money For Portraits'.

Supports featured local producer and DJ Ben Aguera with his sublime electronic energy, and Jamilla who opened the night.

Jamilla, who recently supported Thelma Plum in Perth and is about to embark on her first national tour, brought the feminine energy and sassy, sweet-soul sounds we’ve come to know from her including her newly released song 'King', which will be officially released in Perth at The Bird on 29 September.

Catch Superego performing on the east coast at Caloundra Music Festival (Sunshine Coast) 28 September-1 October followed by Strawberry Fields (NSW) 16-18 November.


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