Sticky Fingers @ The Tivoli Theatre Review

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Sticky Fingers @ The Tivoli Theatre Review Image © Ophelia Symons
After a month-long stretch of live shows across Australia, Sticky Fingers arrived in Brisbane ready to unleash. And boy, did they show the energetic crowd at The Tivoli Theatre (23 April) that their going to be an Australian band you need to take notice of.

Their party vibes on stage have always been a staple of StiFi shows, and tonight was no different. With Dylan Frost out front, Sticky Fingers paraded around the stage, moving to their allotted areas with confidence of rock gods.

Freddy Crabs - image © Ophelia Symons

Though Freddy Crabs is still my fav. StiFi member. Who can deny the world so much hairy-sexiness, especially when it oozes into his keys so majestically. Lots of man love for Crabbz.

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Opening with 'Land Of Pleasure', at times the four walls of the Tivoli could hardly contain the monstrous sound StiFi were creating. Until tonight, my only experience of Sticky Fingers had been reserved for Falls and Splendour appearances. Never has a band been created to storm a festival stage like marauding vikings… yet the growth of the band in the 18 months since I last saw them is undeniable.

But then there were other junctures where the band managed to transform the show into backyard jam sessions, (almost like they had transported us to 'Australia Street') as an up-for-it crowd changed gears, swaying gently to the swampy reggae that has become a StiFi trademark.

Image © Ophelia Symons

At times, I was lost in the music, eyes closed as reggae-tinged rock washed over me. Earlier material still sounds fresh with 'Caress Your Soul', 'Freddy Crabs' and 'Liquorlip Loaded Gun' making welcome appearances.

Image © Ophelia Symons

Though, judging by the wide-eyed looks of glee/ joy on the faces of the youngsters who dominated the crowd, the newer songs were just as popular. 'Outcast At Last' exhibits the meatier side of StiFi's rock chops and hints at a heavier Britpop vibe that this reviewer would like to see more of. While 'Ghost Town' keeps the reggae-rock heads nodding in unison.

Image © Ophelia Symons

Now touring the United States and Canada, which concludes with a performance at California Roots at Monterey, Sticky Fingers have vaulted into position as my #1 favourite Aussie band. Hopefully we'll have a new StiFi album by the end of 2016 and more local live dates as well.

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