Spenda C Is Ready To Release The Party On Tour

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  • Wednesday, 22 March 2017 10:28
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Earlier this month, Australian DJ/ producer Spenda C spent a night in jail promoting his newest single, 'Release'.

But Spenda C hasn't been a naughty boy. Rather, he was playing at Hard Grime Festival, held at Maitland Gaol, a heritage-listed site in New South Wales operating as a facility for 150 years.

As well as being a prominent tourist attraction, this creepy place was also the setting for Spenda’s latest… ahem… release.

“It was pretty wild. It’s pretty unique venue for a festival. It was inside the actual cells and stuff so it’s pretty wild,” Spenda says.

“I’ve done plenty of festivals but nothing like… I mean, just usually in fields and things, nothing as unique as that and we managed to shoot some footage for the film clip 'Release' in the jail as well, so that was pretty cool.”

For the last six months, Spenda has been working with Australian hip hop artist Cult Shotta to develop 'Release'. “I always enjoy working with and collaborating with other artists because different people bring different things to the table,” Spenda says.

“As far as a favourite [collaboration], don’t think I have a favourite, I’m just gonna have to say 'Release' with the Cult Shotta guys just ‘cause it’s fresh and it’s also my first try really working with a rapper; structuring a song that had a verse and a chorus and then a drop was a bit of a challenge.”

This has been his biggest challenge yet, as normally he doesn’t deal with vocals. But Spenda decided this time he would push himself to create something he’d never done before. “I usually just do stuff that builds and then goes into a drop so it was a good challenge… the outcome was good, we’re happy, we’re proud of it,” Spenda says.

“I wouldn’t say I'm perfectionist but I just want things to sound a bit different… If it sounds a bit like something I’ve done before or if it sounds like somebody else I try to move it away from that into a realm where I’m happy with it sounding still accessible but unique.”

Much like most of the communication we have today in the 21st century, a lot of talking is done via social media with little to no personal interaction.

Spenda says that although it creates an accessible platform for artist to communicate with one another, nothing beats being able to perform live with other talents. “Most of the time when you collab with somebody, it’s usually just over the internet, you usually send them something and they’ll send you something back.

“Which is all good, it’s great, that’s the beauty of the modern age being able to do that, but it’s so good then to be able to get together and do shows together so you can feed off each other’s energy and we can play our sets together and it just sort of takes it to that next level.”

Spenda C Shows

Sat 25 Mar – The Met (Brisbane)
Thu 13 Apr – Ambar (Perth)
Fri 14 Apr – No Chill (Melbourne)
Sun 16 Apr – Electric Circus (Adelaide)
Mon 24 Apr – Civic Underground (Sydney)

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