Southern Twang Returns For Round Two At Umbrella

  • Written by  Juliuis Dennis
  • Sunday, 08 July 2018 13:01
Hana & Jessie-Lee's Bad Habits perform at Southern Twang II (14 July) in Adelaide. Hana & Jessie-Lee's Bad Habits perform at Southern Twang II (14 July) in Adelaide.

Jesse Coulter, the organiser of country, folk and Americana event Southern Twang, says the showcase fits perfectly with the vibe Music SA has created with their annual Umbrella festival in Adelaide.

“Last year [at Umbrella] was Southern Twang’s inaugural event; it was something that I thought gelled well with what Umbrella: Winter City festival tries to be. “Something that feels warming [sic] in theme and concept, something enticing for people to do in winter months, for people to go out and see some live music.

“I thought the perfect encapsulation of that was the genres of country, folk, Americana and that loose kind of world [music].

“If you’re in a pub in the middle of winter, there’s something nice about the thought of having a fire, seeing someone sing some earnest songs that strike in an immediate sense.”

Jesse's background in music is metal and punk. But he says he saw high quality, truth-telling music in the genres that will be on display at Southern Twang. “Everyone really knows what they are doing.

“People who play in these genres seem to have an earnestness that I haven’t really seen in other genres as much.”

Southern Twang will again be held at the Edinburgh Castle Hotel with two stages: a band room, fully kitted out to fit the theme, and the front bar for acoustic acts.

Alongside a swag of other performers, last year’s headliner Max Savage will be returning this time without his band. “I’m looking forward to seeing Max in a more stripped-back, solo mode this year,” Jesse says.

Other music performers on the line-up are Hana & Jessie-Lee's Bad Habits, The San Sebastian, David Blumberg & The Maraby Band, Blooming, Alison Coppe and Katie Miller.

Along with the music, Jesse has lined up a number of themed activities. Perhaps most importantly – after the music – is the food that will be on offer. “That was a big part of last year,” Jesse says.

“We had a special Midwest BBQ menu catered for the event; it wasn’t a thing that was done by the Ed Castle on a regular basis. We are looking at doing the same thing again this year, but expanding on it, making it even better.

“The brains in the Ed Castle kitchen have been cooking up a few ideas and experimenting with some stuff, so I’m sure there is going to be some pretty special food on offer.”

The event will again be free, giving fans and the curious alike a chance to experience the scene Jesse has fallen in love with.

“It’s a style of music and a community that I think is quite special, especially inside South Australia; something that deserves to have events like this to showcase it and shine a light on it, something that is not necessarily done often enough.”

Southern Twang II takes place at Edinburgh Castle Hotel (Adelaide) 14 July.


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