Sonic Species Continues His Cutting Edge Journey Through Psytrance

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  • Friday, 11 January 2019 13:44
Sonic Species plays Earth Frequency Festival 2019 at Ivory's Rock (SE QLD) in February. Sonic Species plays Earth Frequency Festival 2019 at Ivory's Rock (SE QLD) in February.

UK electronic artist Sonic Species is a world-leading producer of cutting-edge psytrance and is coming to Australia including Earth Frequency 2019.

Initiated into the global psytrance tribe after attending his first rave in the early 2000s, Sonic Species has established himself as a highly-respected international producer and live performer.

Currently signed to the Nano Records label, Sonic Species is set to release his second album in 2019, the follow-up to his 2012 debut 'Unleash The Beat'.

In preparation for Earth Frequency, we catch up with Sonic Species to chat new music, live shows and what else is coming up for him in 2019.

After a big year of releases and touring, what have been some of the stand-out moments for you?
I’d have to say playing one of the opening slots of Boom 2018 was the highlight of the year for me. The energy on that dancefloor, especially at the opening of the Dance Temple, is just unparalleled on this planet.

How have you developed and evolved as a producer since your debut album 'Unleash The Beat'?
I’m crystallising the pure Sonic Species' sound currently as well as working hard in various studios to master the art of the ultimate mixdown, so that the listeners at home and on the dancefloor experience nothing but the highest quality of sound when they hear my music.

You have an extensive history working in psytrance; do you feel there is still new sonic terrain for you to explore within the form?
I am currently exploring the different ways I can express myself at faster BPMs such as 145 and also slower BPMs such as 135. I still feel there is so much ground that I haven’t covered yet even within psytrance, so I’m excited to hit some of that for the first time and twist it up in the way that I love to do, hopefully producing some fresh and interesting results.

How has being part of the Nano Records roster benefitted your career profile?
Nano has always been my family since my long-standing post at Alchemy Records. As far as friendships go, we’ve all been close for a long time now and it does feel like I have returned home somewhat to the one remaining label that contains a lot of friends and artists who I respect and am inspired by. Our Nano boss, Regan, works relentlessly furthering the label on many different levels, so it's a real pleasure to be part of such a hard-working force in psytrance.

You've said you had your first experience with psytrance in 2000 at the Liquid Connective rave in Kent (England) where you grew up; take us back to this moment and how pivotal it was in your life?
Yes, this was 2000 or 2001; I forget exactly but wow, what a moment. As you can imagine, stumbling across my first psychedelic party at a time when Goa trance was transforming into cutting-edge pystrance was just mind-blowing. We’d heard some Goa trance and loved it, but when I hit the Liquid Connective dancefloor what I heard was something absolutely fresh that I had never heard before.

It felt like lightning was striking us from the sky and making our bodies pull shapes to the music that I didn’t think was possible. The crowd was fully international and the party took place in a place not far from where I lived, which made the whole thing even more mind-blowing.

All in all, I can say without a doubt that that party changed me forever and gave birth to my journey into psytrance. Respect to Liquid Connective forever.

What can Australian crowds expect from your set at Earth Frequency 2019?
You guys at Earth Frequency can expect a set full of power, groove driven, classic psytrance with melodies, glitches and underground moments leading into full-on euphoric moments of ecstasy. I like to balance Yin and Yang in my sets and I play spontaneously to the moment and the crowd, so in that sense it's hard to say. One thing I can say is that you will hear cutting edge, global psytrance that is on the forefront of the today's scene.

Will you be taking some time off over Christmas?
I did take some time off, but actually it was time off Christmas too. I’ve had a busy end of the year and the next two months is going to be the same, but it's what I live for and all the friends and family I have understand and support me in my quest for the ultimate psytrance dancefloor moments. So it's all good, even if I’m not in the best shape for a normal Christmas every year. I always make a point of taking time off to see my mum and dad and friends over Christmas every year.

EDM remixes of Christmas songs: yay or nay?
If they’re from the '80’s, I’m down.

You've worked with a long line of collaborators; who would be your dream production partner/ team?
I’d have to say if I could be the director of the ultimate psytrance production team, I’d have Mad Maxx, GMS and Astrix making the music with myself and the Nano crew. Then I’d have Bart Stryker and Ido Domestic working together on the final mix and master, and to top it off I’d have Vini Vici running my team of social media experts. I don’t know about you, but to me that sounds like a tight operation.

What's coming next for you in 2019?
I’m working on my new solo album, which is scheduled for release later in 2019. Aside from that, I am continuing to tour as usual with attention to spending a bit more time at home in Ibiza so I can create and finish the rest of the album in the serenity of nature.

Earth Frequency Festival takes place at Ivory's Rock (SE QLD) 15-18 February. Sonic Species also plays Babylon Festival (Carapooee West) and Electric City at Home The Venue (Sydney) 15 February.


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