Slowcoaching Is The Same, But Different On Debut EP

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  • Tuesday, 05 December 2017 14:15
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Melbourne dream-pop producer Dean Valentino is making determined strides under his Slowcoaching moniker with the November release of his debut EP, 'All The Same'.

“I feel like it's been such a long time coming just in terms of organising everything and getting the funds behind it,” Dean says. “So to see it finally unfold and come together, I'm so excited to have it out there.

“I started the project on my own a couple of years ago and now I've got a band on board that I play with. It's all self-funded and produced alongside one of the guitarists in the band as well [James Freeman]. It's been a heap of long hours and hard work but it's all worth it.”

The latest single cut from 'All The Same' is 'Fernweh', inspired by a German word that literally translates as 'farsickness' but its closest English equivalent is 'a longing for far-off places'.

The track exemplifies the development Dean has invested in his sound, filled with lush synthesizers and nostalgic production. “I love German words and I've always loved those untranslatable words,” Dean says.

“Fernweh is like missing a place that you've never been before. I always thought it was a cool concept, especially when you don't take it too literally. I wasn't so much thinking of anywhere in particular, more of just escapism whether it's a mental escape or wanting to go somewhere else.”

Initially a solo artist, Dean has assembled a talented group of musicians who serve as his live band featuring the aforementioned James Freeman on guitar, James Seymour on synthesizers, Davin Johnston on drums and Daniel Paroissien on bass.

Dean says the formation of a like-minded group of musicians supporting his work has enabled him to greatly expand what and how he produces his music now, focussing more on highly-produced tracks with a singer-songwriter sensibility. “I think in the early days of writing I had this vision for the EP,” he says.

“I was listening to The Smiths and The Cure and that type of stuff, which I think was the ground for the original Slowcoaching sound, then over time it developed. With this EP, the sound we were going for was something a little more well-produced.

“We didn't want to fall into that lo-fi category; it is dream-pop but you can get a lot of lo-fi home-recorded stuff, which is still cool. But we were pushing to have it more refined this time around and a little more well produced with a bigger, fuller and warm production. I'm really happy with how it came out because it's pretty much hit how we wanted it to sound.”

Dean and his band will tour this November and December in support of 'All The Same', giving them their first chance to perform these songs live outside of Victoria.

“By the time we hit the later November shows and especially in December up in Queensland... the EP will be out by then so we'll be doing all the songs off that,” he says.

“We've done some rural Victorian stuff but this will be our first interstate show with this line-up, so we're all pretty pumped to get on the road together and play these songs somewhere completely new.”

Slowcoaching Tour Dates

Thu 14 Dec - HeyWire (Brisbane)
Fri 16 Dec - Miami Shark Bar (Gold Coast)
Thu 21 Dec - The Curtin (Melbourne)


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