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 Shania Twain playing Botanic Park (Adelaide) 2 December, 2018. Shania Twain playing Botanic Park (Adelaide) 2 December, 2018. Image © Sue Hedley

That do impress me, much!

Shania Twain proved she's still the one during her first of two Brisbane shows (5 December) at the Entertainment Centre, giving audiences a perfect hybrid of Shania classics and work from her most recent album 'Now'.

It was a high-energy set from the get-go, as a drummer accompanied Shania's entrance from the arena seats and down into the crowd, to the stage. It's clear she knows she's had an impact on the world of country, but it's great to see she doesn't overdo it. Her humility is admirable and her personality truly did shine all night long.

Click here for photos from her Adelaide show.

On the stage were five huge electronic cubes that moved up and down and were even used as screens for video projection. This meant the show was extremely dynamic, with Shania moving in and around the cubes and even on top of them (this was most effective and literal for 'Up!').

Her costume changes were also brilliant, from gorgeous sequined dresses to rhinestone body suits. 'That Don't Impress Me Much' was an obvious highlight... Her entrance to the stage wearing a flowing gown as that classic intro played was gasp-worthy. What a performer.

Shania Twain
Shania Twain - Image © Sue Hedley

It was a feast for not only the eyes but also the ears; Shania was even joined by backing singers who brought the recognisable harmonies from her songs to life in a live setting, all the while Shania slaying practically every note of her setlist.

The small moments of artist-to-audience communication were extremely endearing. She knows how to communicate with her fans and at one point even invited one to walk with her from the B-stage to the main stage (he had to carry the train of her dress so she didn't trip, but what an honour!).

Whether it was the gorgeous projection work during 'Poor Me', the uproarious reaction of “let's go girls”, the interlude showcasing Shania's music video history or the toned down performances of 'You're Still The One' and 'From This Moment On', Shania Twain truly showcased what has kept her so wildly successful since she came on the scene.

The 'Now' tour was an amalgamation of all that we love about the country-pop queen, with stunning visuals to match a timeless and iconic discography of incredible music.


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