Running Touch Releases His Most Honest Work, Yet

  • Written by  Nicholas Hastie
  • Monday, 30 July 2018 15:30
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Melbourne producer Running Touch has unveiled his new single 'My Hands', available now. Melbourne producer Running Touch has unveiled his new single 'My Hands', available now.

Melbourne electronic producer Running Touch has dropped his latest single, 'My Hands'.

In 2017, Running Touch released his debut EP, 'A Body Slow', reaching #1 on the iTunes electronic charts. In the same year, his single 'Equaliser' was released and received over a million global streams, which was followed by a 15-date Australian and New Zealand tour.

Before deciding to have 'My Hands' as the next single, Running Touch was caught between two extremely different songs.

“To decide which one I was going to put out, I played four gigs. I played twice with the other song and twice with this song. This was to gauge which one I felt good playing, and this one felt much better so that was a big factor in choosing ['My Hands'].”

Running Touch explains this release to be his most honest sound to date.

“It has its own vibe compared to my other [releases]. Up until this point, I have definitely experimented with a few different genres, so it's not like I'm changing it up too much in terms of breaking away from the genre because I haven’t committed to one in the past.

“[With my] prior releases, it was music that was more orientated to what I would listen to, but didn't think I would be able to put out. It was really good to hear both of those things and make it into my own product.”

The multi-instrumentalist explains 'My Hands' initially came together as a result of his first writing session and proper collaboration with Berlin producer, Alexander Freund.

“It was like a book of shades kind of song at first. Some of my other songs are very instrument-heavy music as opposed to electronic sound, so I didn’t think I would be able to use this.

“Slowly but surely, three months later, I started working on it. I had a few other songs that just made sense to put out after this one so it felt like the perfect time to fuse this thing.”

Running Touch explains that with the release of 'My Hands', he aimed to progress into a new phase of his music.

“[I wanted to] open up a more honest and enjoyable chapter for myself, musically. This is definitely a sound I would be more drawn to as a listener myself. The feeling of opening a new chapter in your life as an artist is always an incredible feeling so I am extremely excited.”

“A lot of the other songs are just songs I really enjoyed making as opposed to a direct influence. I made this like it was very instinctual. I just sat down at a piano, made a song we both enjoyed, not one I intended to release. The fact I got to release a song that was so distinctive and very serendipitous is great.”

'My Hands' is available now.


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