RUFUS @ Thebarton Theatre Review

  • Written by  Jackie Lymn
  • Tuesday, 03 May 2016 21:34
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Energy levels have hit the RÜFÜS.

The trio from Sydney opened their set (29 April) with the sounds of wind chimes and a slightly gospel feel, before moving into their hit ‘Brighter’ a crowd favourite from their new album, ‘Bloom’.

The intensity in the room quickly peaked, and from there it never faltered. ‘Say A Prayer For Me’, ‘Take Me’, ‘Innerbloom’ and ‘Like An Animal’ were all well received, and were perfect dance tracks for a Friday night.

Midway through the concert every heart was set to the same heavy beat; the party was in full swing. Seamless transitions from song to song allowed no room to breathe for vocalist Tyrone Lindqvist or anyone else in the sold-out auditorium.

The intense vitality of the room made it feel as though we could have been at Coachella. Girls were on the boys’ shoulders shouting the lyrics with arms in the air, waving in unison and creating a rippling wave through the pit.

There was a pause for effect halfway through ‘Desert Night’, which led to nothing but more screams from the masses of people. And even with the attempted shushing from the boys on stage, the crowd continued to scream urging them to continue.

The night drew to a close and the trio left the stage, but there was no way they were going to be able to the leave the building without an encore. The boys came out and performed yet another hit, ‘You Were Right’ with strobe lighting only adding to the electric end to the evening.

Byron Bay-based Tora opened the show with a youthful, fresh energy. Followed by Bob Moses, a more mature but equally as interesting and energetic duo from Canada.

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